Wednesday, 5 August 2009

INNOCENT FUN ......... ?

Hello again! I seem to be making more of an appearance lately; that's down to it being the school hols, so at the moment I am nicely relaxed into the holiday, with enough time still left for me not to be feeling the need to start preparing for the new academic year yet. It's a good feeling! Hmm you may be wondering what has been going on 'chez snoopydog' ...... wooden cats (one with missing toes!), small hats.... and, as yet unbeknown to you, Trevor about to put in an appearance. I feel a story coming on, but you're going to have to wait!

Yesterday, I spent the day with with my good pal josiekitten. We had previously put two dates in our diaries for 'get-togethers' this summer. The first was for us to begin knitting our 'Sock Yarn Blankies' and the second, to knit cute little hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles in aid of The Big Knit 2009. For each smoothie sold with a hat on, 50p is given to the charity 'Help the Aged'. What a great way to make a small difference to a charity that will connect with us all! Here are the results of my labours.....

We had such a lot of fun.... dropped stitches, difficult design choices, lost i-cords. But no, I jest the knitting went swimmingly! :D Don't you think they are so cute! We may even be tempted to add some more to the collection.... another day of banter and 'cutting edge' design choices. It's a brilliant way use up oddments of yarn AND for such a good cause! I had fun photographing them too.......

Ted had to get in on the act. He's a Bear Factory bear, so pretty smart! He's also pretty keen on hats and loves to be at the cutting edge of hat fashion, so as soon as he espied the 'new season's preview' being filmed, he jumped down from his shelf in the 'library' (hmmmm far too many books!) to get a closer look. Throwing a very prima donna .... ish tantrum, he demanded that the collection be named after him. He said he was both smooth and innocent! I'm not so sure and didn't want any bad publicity when the paparazzi started to delve into his past. As a compromise, I agreed to let him choose a hat to keep for himself.

He deliberated for ages, torn between 'Norwich City Rules' and 'Dennis the Menace is No 1'. In the end he plumped for the 'Dennis the Menace' hat because the red matched the lettering on his sweater, the black matched his eyes and he felt that it was just that bit more 'edgy' and 'cool!'. I think he's got a lot to learn, but that's fine; I can quickly make another red and black Innocent Smoothie bottle hat (back to reality).

Just as the photo shoot was taking place, a very special guest put in an impromptu appearance. Trevor the toad, who has lived in our garden for at least the past four years, leapt from a pot of petunias to get a better view of the proceedings. He arrived just as the 'Friesian Cat Twins' were modelling their final hats!

Please don't ask her how she lost her toes! It's far too painful a story and she becomes very upset. Just focus on her supreme hat modelling ability, that has taken her right to the top of her profession and for which, luckily, she doesn't need to use her toes!

He's so adorable, don't you think? I'm sure he must be the most photographed toad in England. However, the story could have had a very different outcome. I was, only yesterday, telling josiekitten that I had had sleepless nights, worrying that I inadvertantly KILLED Trevor. It would have been classed as murder, I am sure. Way back during the May half-term holiday, I had planted out far too many pots (as usual) and as Miss Snoopydog2 and I were admiring them one evening, we noticed that several of the plants had been very badly nibbled by slugs or snails. We smugly deposited slug pellets around the aforementioned pots ........ gulp! TREVOR! I have not seen him since and was convinced he had died a horrible 'death by slug pellet'. So, you can imagine how overjoyed I was today, to see him looking so well and enjoying the excitement and razzamataz that goes along with such a high profile modelling assignment.

Trevor ... glad you're back ...... and ALIVE!

I did promise you some progress photos on my latest knitting projects, but they will have to wait until next time. I hope you don't mind!

Enjoy the 'run down' to the weekend! :D


melissa said...

love the little hats!
the photos are adorable.

josiekitten said...

Yay for Trevor! It was a fun day wasn't it?! Looking forward to another one as soon as we can sort it! I'm already planning the designs for my next hat collection!

Anna said...

The little hats are adorable, and some great colour choices!

Willow said...

I so enjoyed reading this post! So whimsical. Eleanor Elizabeth Rabbit was so excited to hear that a British Bear had commented on the blog!

Oh and I'm so pleased that Trevor is well and in such good spirits.

Maggie and Mitch said...

How adorable the little hats are!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch