Monday, 10 August 2009

BAGS OF TIME.......... :D

Hello again! It's Monday morning and another weekend over and done. It's been warm and sunny here in Norfolk; just perfect for lazing in the garden and catching up with knitting projects that have been lying around for a little too long for my liking! This bag isn't one of them, may I add. I haven't been able to leave this project alone for very long. But yes, I did finish it yesterday.

The bag, I call it my Summer Ice-cream Sorbet Bag, is the fabulous design creation of Lucy from Attic 24. Thank you Lucy! It's brilliant! Attic 24 is full of colour and vibrancy and if you haven't already been, you really should drop in and say hello. The yarn is Paton's Sorbet; most of it bought very cheaply from Kemps. Lucy used Debbie Bliss Merino Aran. Her colours are wonderfully bright, but I quite like these soft summery colours too! I liked the feel and structure of the cotton yarn for a summer bag. So, here it is! Want to see some more photos? I hope you like it!

I made it exactly to Lucy's instructions. She writes them in a clear and very easy to understand way; amply illustrated with photos to help you. It was so easy, I couldn't wait to get back to it. In fact I think this pretty .... I wanted to say 'little', but it certainly isn't a little bag! So, this pretty BIG... or even ENORMOUS bag has rekindled a long forgotten love of crochet. I'm all ready to get on and make another; a smaller version next time, using up the yarn leftover. I bought 3 balls of each colour and have used nearly two of each of my favourites and one of the less used colours. So, plenty left for another bag. If I had used each of the colours equally, two balls of each colour would have been needed. I really like the pretty little flowers, with their layered petals and pointy leaves. I kept them close by yesterday afternoon, so that I could keep feasting my eyes on their prettiness. The bag has a whole host of possibilities for it's use ....... a beach bag to carry all our towels and books and knitting, a bag to take a picnic and knitting project to the park on a warm, sunny afternoon, a project bag for an Attic 24 or Do You Mind if I Knit big blanket project, which I am now determined to begin as a cosy evening project for the winter months, or a storage bag for LOTS of yarn! I think it will be the latter to begin with until my blanket gets underway. I have even treated myself to a new book to try some ideas out. It's full of really pretty designs!

Must go, it's time for lunch. It's tomatoes, tomatoes all the way in our house at the moment. It happens every year. They start to ripen in the greenhouse quite slowly at first, so that you eat them up without feeling tomatoed out! Then before you know it tomatoes have taken over your life! So far there's been tomato sauce for pasta (scrummy, but you need to start the process in good time because sauce the needs about an hour and a half to reduce), tomato on the veg kebabs for the barbecue, tomato and spinach pasta bake and today........

..... a quick, but very tasty bruschetta! Lots of garlic, deskinned tomato, freshly ground black pepper piled onto homemade granary bread and grilled, but not for too long. Yum!

See you again soon, I need to eat!

P.S. There will no doubt be some red tomato chutney, tomato and basil soup and as the season draws to a close, some green tomato chutney; so easy to make and really delicious to eat!


Anna said...

What a gorgeous bag, I love it! Also the tomato salsa is making me hungry :-).

josiekitten said...

The bag is really beautiful! I love it! And just think of all the yarn you can keep concealed from Mr Snoopydog!

Sarah said...

Just catching up with last weeks shadow shot sunday comments and have most enjoyed a look at your lovely crocheted bag. I am trying to teach myself to knit properly at the moment-a slow process-but crocheting is a complete mystery to me!
The tomato bruschetta looks good too!