Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Hello there! What a gloomy August morning. We woke up to rain, rain and more rain. If it's school hols, if the sun isn't shining, if I can't knit in the garden, if the fridge is about to vomit tomatoes or blackcurrants or gooseberries or ..... , then that means only one thing ........... jamming; or in today's case, chutneying and marmalading with a bit of freezing of allotment French beans last evening, thrown in for good measure. What a busy little bee I've been! I had a very special little errand to complete first thing this morning ... mission accomplished ... sshh! Then it was straight home to get those old jars sterilised and the show on the road. Our greenhouse, as I said a day or so ago, is overflowing with tomatoes! This chutney used up 2.5 kg and I used another 1.15 kg to make a pasta sauce for supper this evening. Talk about being 'tomatoed out', but at least the fridge is feeling a little better now!

Here we are, eleven jars of 'Red Tomato and Apple' chutney. Do you want to see the bits in between? There aren't too many. Well, you're going to have to I'm afraid, because I've taken the photos! I hope you don't mind. Here we go....

That wasn't too bad, was it! I'm no passionate cook (I'd rather be knitting), so the best bit for me is making them look pretty! Yes, I'm happy with those, although the tomato should have been a little smaller and a little higher.

It was still raining, so time to get out the Marmade tin and rustle up half a dozen jars of marmalade, then I could 'pretty' a few more jars up!

Phew! It was a little steamy in there!

That jam funnel is the best gadget eve. It stops all that hot, sticky, gooiness from slopping everywhere and getting stuck solid to the sides of the jars. Great invention! Thank you Mr Snoopydog junior!

I love this pretty Amy Butler fabric ........ such a bonus to live close to John Lewis :).

Mmm the labels are OK too! Yes, I know they are not the important bit, but ....... well you know how it is!

I really should show you some knitting, but needless to say, there were not enough hours in the day today,' to make any progress with anything on two or four needles. I will show you my August socks that are in progress though. The pattern is 'Rib Fantastic' from the book Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns. My great pal Josiekitten bought me a copy for my birthday last month. It's a lovely book, full of lots of advice and info on how to get the best out of handpainted yarns and avoid pooling. There are some great patterns too! The BFL yarn is dyed by Jenny Cook. It's a gorgeous, really deep colour. I love it! Here they are so far ....

I've also got a jumper/cardi on the go at long last. Mr Snoopydog bought me some Colinette Cadenza last Christmas and I have really struggled to find a pattern that I liked and that would suit the yarn. I have tried two and frogged both! I made a decision at the start of the summer hols, that whatever else I began, I HAD to finish my jumper. At last... or maybe I should say 'at least', it's on it's way.

I've called it 'October Afternoon' after the colourway name, so I'd best get going quickly if it's to be worn in October! The pattern is called 'Bizet' and it's from the small pamphlet of patterns published by Colinette especially for this yarn. Instructions are given for both a cardigan and jumper and at the moment I am undecided as to which I'll end up with. Watch this space!

We are off up to Yorkshire on Friday, for a week of chilling. We have rented a couple of cottages with our three children and their partners and, of course, that scrumptious little bundle of yellow labrador doggy goodness ... Scott! It's lovely to get ALL together once in a while...... plenty of good food, good ale, long walks, relaxing, 'nattering' ...... and of course, some knitting! I've got these three projects sorted ready to take with me. I'll give your more details next time, hopefully with some knitting progress on each project too!

Love these colours. It's a Trekking XXL yarn to knit some Violet Green 'Waving Not Drowning' socks. It's an easy pattern that is quick to memorise and good for car journeys.

I've had this skein of Manos del Uruguay 'Silk Blend' for quite some time now, especially for the 'Drop Stitch Scarf'........ more details later!

See you all when we return on Friday 21st.

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josiekitten said...

Wow! You have been busy! And I'm intrigued to know what your secret mission was!! Have a great holiday and happy knitting on all those projects!