Sunday, 22 November 2009


.................. or rather, NOTHING TO REPORT! It's been that kind of week again. I've had so much school work to do, both at school and at home, that knitting and blogging have taken a back seat once again. We are off to take part in the monthly quiz at our 'local' in about an hour's time, so I thought I should at least come and say 'hello' before we go.

My knitting has been slow this week. I am trying very hard to finish the pair of socks that I am making for a friend as a Christmas present. Needless to say, progress has been very, very slow and not even worth taking a photo of :(.

My Cora scarf is also making slow progress and that's because I only have plastic size 7's and they are really yucky to use with the 'Colourscape'. It seems to stick! I do have a very nice pair of birchwood 7's, but they are so long that they get caught in the bend of my arm with every stitch. I think they must have been made with an orang utang in mind! So, at present, my poor Cora is on hold.

It's much the same story with my November socks; on hold until there are 50 hours in a day! I'll catch them up once the Jaywalkers for Jools are finished.

On a brighter note, a little packet of sock yarn skeins popped through my door yesterday morning. Such excitement! They were from my good pal josiekitten. So last evening, when I know I should have been getting on with the serious matter of Christmas sock completion, but not needing too much encouragement to bring Blankie out for an airing, I settled down to knit four more squares, one in each colourway. Here are the little skeins ....

And here is my Blankie +4!

I wonder if you can spot the four new squares that have been added from the little skeins. Unfortunately, there is only a tiny glimpse of the lovely green square visible. My bad photography to blame there! I didn't keep my eye on all four squares.

It did get me thinking, how it's such strange phenomenon and one that is not often to be found elsewhere, that each of my little squares has a name of it's own; a name descended from its elders in the form of the pair of socks that were made of the yarn. So, last night I knitted 'Eat your Greens' and 'Waving Sweetpeas' to name but two! Made me chuckle inside myself as I sat and thought about it. Probably a good job that I'm going out tonight, because otherwise I might hear you saying ' ........ Snoopydog needs to get out more!!!'

Not so sure about the 'going out' now, as I can hear the wind howling and the rain lashing against the window panes. It started off as a lovely late November morning. The sun was shining and I grabbed my camera to 'snap' the bluetits and finches on the bird feeder this morning, before settling down to some work ready for school tomorrow. Needless to say, they had all vanished by the time the camera was ready. I caught this little chap on the fence though. I think he's a regular, because I have photographed him before in the same position on the fence. He sits there for ages! Don't ask me how I know it's him, I just do.

Here's a pic of our garden, also taken this morning. Sorry about the poor quality. I was rushing; feeling guilty that, here I was taking pics when I had lots and lots to do. It's called procrastination and I'm an expert!

Anyway, the work did get done, and I've had time to come and say 'hello' and I'll enjoy a swift pint and a natter with our friends over at the quiz. So all's well!

Have a good week, whatever you're up to!


josiekitten said...

Blimey! You didn't waste much time! Those little squares look great! Seeing your blanket makes me want to get mine out again, but I shall resist the temptation for the moment and leave it for a Christmas holiday treat! In the meantime, get knitting those socks so you can get some more blankie yarn! I'm about to cast on my December ones!!! (feels very smug!)

melissa said...

your blankie is looking so lovely!

love the little bird picture, it's so sweet that he's a regular on your fence.

Sarah said...

This time of year is always is busy and the one where I find it the hardest to do anything in the evening. Can't wait for Christmas!
Love your squares-that is funny that they all have names! I like the way you have made them, so much more interesting than the straight squares I do.
I went out this morning quite early and I was really glad I did because as I was coming home we had the lashing rain here too. DIdn't last long but it was very heavy.
Love the Robin-I bet it is the same one as they have little territories don't they?
Hope you won the quiz!

knitting said...

your blankie is looking wonderful! love it!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your blankie is coming along beautifully! We just love it!

Jenny said...

Time of year when you wish you'd knitted more gifts much earlier. I could be knitting now but here I am at the computer. Ditch the guilt, knit squares if thats what you want to do.

Tracy said...

All those wonderful! Such great will be very cosy! Lovely scenes of sweet nature in the moment... Happy Day, Ros :o) Oh, stop by if you get a chance, I'm having a fun gift giveaway this week!

Sarah said...

Yes it is good to be able to go home-we have to alternate morning and afternoon each week and I nearly always go home for the afternoon one. I think as soon as we got PPA though-the work increased even more!