Sunday, 21 February 2010

LOVE KNITTING.......LOVE OSCAR........!!!!

 Hello there! Welcome back. I had hoped to blog during the week, seeing as it was half-term, but 'puppy watch' duties got in the way. I did manage to finish a couple of things though and get a little further along the way with my Ripple Blanket.



This is the 'Olivia' beret that I started a few weeks ago, for my youngest daughter. She saw the pattern and the gorgeous Manos del Uruguay 'silk blend' yarn in our local yarn store, Norfolk Yarn . The pattern is specifically for the yarn and is extremely simple to follow. I did an extra couple of repeats of the pattern, to give it a little more 'flop'. It looks great on her!

I've also just finished this little cardi for my, as yet unborn, granddaughter. 


It's made from some Rowan baby alpaca DK, that I bought in the John Lewis sale. It's very soft and lovely to work with, but does need hand washing.  The photos don't show its true pale lilac colour. It really is a very pretty shade, called 'Heather'. The pattern is from Erica Knight's book, 'Natural Nursery Knits', which is full of really gorgeous patterns, all using Rowan yarns. The bonus of this pattern is that the garment is made in one piece, except for the pockets. I HATE sewing up!!!!  Do you like my pretty little heart buttons?  They came from 'Knitting 4 Fun'. There are lots of lovely buttons on the site and very reasonably priced.

Well, it's been a very full-on week with little Oscar and we haven't really done a great deal away from the house, except for making a couple of visits to the local pet store to replenish supplies!!!!!! He is absolutely lovely and sooo full of fun. Scott found him a little OTT at times and needed to  put him in his place with a swift swipe of his paw. But, I think they had a great week of fun together. I promise not to bore my 'non-doggy' friends, but I just have to include a couple of pics.


Oscar with his puppy Nylabone........ great for chewing sessions!

Big brother Scott putting a protective paw around his 'little bro'. They slept like this for about half an hour.

Little Oscar found his hero!!! Wherever Scott was........ there was Oscar! Not always to Scott's liking, may I add. He had to dish out a quick 'clout' with his paw once in a while to put the annoying little shadow in his place. They entertained themselves in the evenings, by stealing each other's toys; mostly good naturedly! I think Scott is a saint!!!!!!!

Ooh, just before I go..... take a litttle look at these.... spotted in our front garden yesterday....


Spring is most definitely on its way! HOORAY!


josiekitten said...

Awwwww! Even as a cat person, I think the photo of the 2 dogs together is lovely! The cardigan is very pretty too - nice and simple, and perfect for a new baby! xx

The Garden Bell said...

Love the beret yarn. Sweater is too cute for the new munchkin on the way. Pups, adorable. I love Oscar, too!!!!

Happy Sunday
Kate - The Garden Bell - <3 <3 <3

bellaboo said...

Your knitted items are lovely but not QUITE as lovely as that cute pic of the two dogs together!

Bellaboo :0)

Helsie said...

My, you've been busy - all that knitting and puppy training too!
The pictures of those two together are delightful.
Many thanks for your good wishes. My cousin has advised me to celebrate my 60th with bubbly all year, all around the world. Sounds like a good idea to me !!!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Love the beret, the colours are stunning.
I thought perhaps the sweater was for Oscar... just kidding.
My he is a handsome lad, the two of them look like best of pals.
Have a great week.
Susan x

cmv said...

oh my goodness, puppy snuggling?! does it get any cuter than that?!
it always astounds me how productive you are over there- your projects look incredible!

Jenny said...

Those two dogs together, adorable. I fear Oscar is going to steel all the attention from your knitting, which is gorgeous but definitely the runner up this week.

melissa said...

the hat and cardi are both very nice but sweet little oscar snuggled up with his big brother totally steals the show!

Sarah said...

I like that hat and the cardigan is sweet but it is Oscar that made me smile the most! THat picture of him and Scott sleeping together is so lovely! I will have to show Andy that one! Glad you had a good week with him.
Thanks for the quilt comment-it was fun if longwinded. You know when you can't really concentrate on anything too difficult but need to be busy-tiny quilt making is perfect for this!
Hope school was fun today!

Maria said...

The beret colour and pattern is lovely, as is the sweet cardigan.
But well toooo cute cuddly love with the "kids"

Karin said...

Only beautiful pictures!
The beret and cardigan are great, I love the colours.
And your sleeping dogs are so adorable and relaxed.

~X~ Karin

Tracy said...

Oscar...we LOVE you! :o) Just adore that photo of Oscar and Scott...that is just sooo precious! And along with puppy love, some knitting love! That beret is beautiful--I really like the pattern and wool color way--very pretty and elegant. And the baby cardi is so sweet--look at those tiny pockets! Snowdrops... what a great sight for winter-sore eyes--Thanks, Ros! Happy Week to you all ((HUGS))

skippinginthemeadow said...

Love this post!!!!
The hat is Great!! I really Love the pattern and the wool You've used.
The buttons are Beautiful and the little jacket...awww! I Love that too - it's so sweet :o)
And the doggie pics!!! Wow!! The one with Scott and Oscar cuddled up together is the cutset thing I have ever seeen :o)
Oscar is soooo Adorable! and Saint Scott is a very beautiful and kind doggie indeed.
I am so Happy that You have Oscar and Oscar has You and that Scott and Oscar have each other :o)

Hugs all round xxx
Doggie Hugs from Lily too xxx


Kathy said...

Oh that picture of your two boys together is adorable.... how do you manage to get any knitting done? I'd just play with the little one all the time. Mind you, they do sleep a lot don't they.... well, our little girl does. She just moves from sofa to sofa throughout the day.

Rainy Daisy said...

!!!! Oh my goodness, those puppies are so adorable. May I keep them?

I also LOVE the photo of the buttons!


Ali said...

oh! gorgeous beret, love the yarn! and what a cutie Oscar is turning out to be. That pic of them both together is adorable :) You have managed more knitting than I have while 'with puppy'!! lol!!! xxxx

Mrs Twins said...

What beautiful shots of your dogs. They look so content! You have been busy with your knitting! Lovely colours you' ve used on your Beret. Also the little cardigan. I love the colour. Gosh you've done very well. Difficult isn't it fitting everything in, but we manage somehow! Hugs and Love Suex

Sara said...

Hello from a Norfolk neighbour! So glad to come across your blog covering 2 of my most favourite subjects dogs and knitting. Oscar is a real sweetheart.