Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Good evening! It's so lovely to see you all again so soon. I'm keeping my promise to show you my little 'secret'. Okay, I know I gave the game away........I just couldn't keep the secret.  I've been bursting with excitement ever since a phone call that I made last Friday. I had come home early from school, as we had a burst water main and so the children were sent home as there was no water. Mr S and I are both dog lovers and adore our little granddog, Scott. We owned a black labrador many years ago when we were first married. He had to be rehomed with friends when our middle child was born, as she developed very severe asthma, when she was about  a year old. She is now a very healthy 27 year old! I have missed him greatly all that time and always knew that one day we would have another. Now our children are grown and the time is right! Somehow, life isn't complete for me without a dog around.

Just look at him. Isn't he just so adorable!

So, on Sunday we went to visit Scott's breeder to meet an adorable twelve week old yellow labrador puppy. He is very, very lovely and I fell instantly in love with him. He and Scott have the same mum!

  So relaxed!

The photos we took on Sunday show him with his breeder.  He is such a sweetie; very playful, very friendly, very bold, very relaxed and very, very affectionate. Oh I'm so excited! He comes to live with us on February 13th. What a lovely Valentine's present!!! We've registered him with the local vet, so he can have his second injection, be mico-chipped and given the 'once-over'. His new bed and bedding have arrived and the five books from the local library have been absorbed.

So gentle!

So playful!

Scott will have to teach him a trick or two and show him how the 'big boys' behave! Hopefully, they'll be best buddies; after all, they are half brothers.

So snuggly!

Just so Oscar!!!!!!!

Be warned.....Snoopydog may well be quite obsessed with this little yellow furball for some time to come! I hope you don't mind him sharing the space with the knitting and crocheting. I'm sure he won't mind! He'll love to meet you all.

Hope you like him :)


Anonymous said...

Do I like him??!!! Oh, he's so Adorable!!! I've got big soppy tears rolling down my face. I am so Happy for you, isn't he a little angel? awww. You are so Lucky, I can see he has a Beautiful nature. Bless him.
A bloggy friend for Lily too :o) (she still thinks she's a puppy)
Warm Congratulations and puppy Hugs xxx

p.s am not going to be blogging for a few days as have got a nasty

Lyn said...

Oh he's a cutie! You will have your hands full there!

Carrie said...

Aawww! He's so beautiful! He looks so cuddly! Feel free to post as many pics as you like!
Carrie xxx

Karin said...

He's so cute!

Mrs Twins said...

I'm very pleased for you! Have fun!
Hugs Suex

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Oscar is adorable.
I had my yellow lab Duchess for 14 years and she was the most wonderful companion a human could ever want.
Remember though it will be like having a young child in the home again... chewing, laying in the way, having to go out in the middle of the night. But every thing he could do will never deter his devotion or your dedication.
I for one will look forward to sharing tales and pictures of the adventures of Oscar when he arrives at his new home.
Susan x

Dunappy said...

OH Beautiful Puppy. Congratulations on your "secret"!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, what a cutie Oscar is! He looks so soft and silky! Ahhhhhhhhhh, smell that puppy breath!

Sally said...

so very cute! I love the puppy face!

melissa said...

oh my is he ever cute!
i hope you're obsessed with him for quite some time because i will need to see more photos!!

Tilly Rose said...

Oh he's just so scrummy!!!! I bet he'll bring you all such joy and loads of laughter.
have fun together....
Hugs Karen x x x

bellaboo said...

He is soooo adorable!
You are going to have such fun.
Have you got Victoria Stillwell's book...'It's me or the dog'.
I found it a very good book for training a puppy and beyond.Just pop over to me if you want any tips!!
Bellaboo owner of Bella...36 months.

Northern Monkey said...

Oh he's just so gorgeous!! I hope you have many, many happy years together and that he gets on well with Scott.

Jenny said...

Oh he is so sweet I can't get the smile off my face thinking about him. Hope the 13th comes round quickly and we see him settling in at your house, good dog.

A Country Girl said...

Oh. he is gorgeous,I am more than a tiny bit jealous. I love the smell of a warm puppy, if that doesn't sound too weird!

Knittings Nice! said...

Just came across your blog whilst browsing as you do!!...what a handsome fella you've got there. Sure to give you oodles of fun over the years. We've got a 9 year old Cavalier spaniel...we did have two Lady reached to have a nosey at your blog....byeee

josiekitten said...

He looks gorgeous! I can imagine just how excited you are. Looking forward to meeting him soon.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't help enthusing about sweet little Oscar on my blog, hope you don't mind. I keep coming back to look at your gorgeous photographs.

Wishing You a fabulous weekend xxx


p.s. How's the rippling going?

cmv said...

oh.... my..... goodness!!!!
he's just perfect!

Clare Mansell said...

Life is never complete without a dog around! :-) Hope Oscar settles in well in his new home.

vanessa said...

Oh sweeeet! So soft and just so adorable! The proximity and interest in that walking boot is slightly worrying! Good thing he's so cute. Adorable, in fact. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Anonymous said...

I can't keep away! Just stopping by to see my favourite puppy again and to wish You a Lovely weekend xxx
I think I'm going to be over for puppy cuddles all the time when he arrives :o)

Toni aka irishlas said...

He is so adorable. Ah, puppy breath! That is indeed a wonderful Valentine's gift. Enjoy!

The Garden Bell said...

Now, that's what I call one cute puppie. Love his coloring, especially his ears. I'm sure we will be see a lot of Oscar in the future....yipee.... Great name.

Enjoy your weekend...


Tracy said...

Oh, Ros... Oscar is sooo beautiful!! I know you're not supposed to say the boys are beautiful... but he is!! Oh, what a sweetie-pie. A puppy... so much fun! It will be very lively at your house for good while...LOL! Can't wait to see and hear more about this special chap--so be sure to post and share photos often! I had a West Highland white terrier many, many years ago, his name was Bailey--I miss him still... I miss having a dog sometimes, but our kitty Charlie rules the roost here... LOL! ;o) Happy Weekend to you all there! ((HUGS))

Ali said...

Oh my, how adorable! I hope he's settling in well. Congratulations! I hope he's up to lots of happy mischief :) xxxxx