Sunday, 27 June 2010

IT'S HOT, HOT, HOT....................

Hello there! Thought you might like to have a little sneaky view of coooooool Snoopydog! Do you like what you see? I've been playing around on this site , South Parking myself. It really does look just like me :) . It's all the fault of Kate, the Garden Bell.  All good fun and a complete waste of time. Great, just what I needed!

It's probably one reason why there has been very little knitting progress this week. Along with the fact that I have been well and truly shattered. It's always the same at this time of year, as a very busy school year draws to a close and there are still so many jobs to get done.I am also a great tennis fan so have spent time watching Wimbledon too.

This week, summer has well and truly arrived and the temperatures have soared. Whilst sitting  enjoying the sunshine this weekend , I have made some headway with the little crocheted bag.

As illustrated in the very clear instructions, I have crocheted the squares together into strips of four.

  I've begun to sew up as shown above!

Hmmmm! That's where the progress ends. It somehow doesn't look right. No, I think it does! Well, I'm just not in the mood to take it any further today. I think I've sat in the sun for way too long :) Hopefully, I will be able to show you the finished bag next time.

I bought some Malabrigo laceweight at last year's 'I-Knit' day, especially to make a 'Swallowtail' shawl. I just love the patterns on Evelyn Clarke's design. I've printed the pattern and wound the yarn and  it's sitting ready and waiting.......

I just need to be ready to concentrate hard on it, so that I don't make mistakes. I'm not quite there yet, but it's ready for when I am!

Oscar has experienced the hot weather for the first time, as he is only eight months old. He has learnt to find the shade of trees in the garden, or a cool tiled floor to lie on. He loves a swim to cool down and this weekend has had ice cubes to lick, eat, roll on and play with. They've kept him entertained and cool at the same time.

I know......... spoilt dog! We love him!

I love these lillies too. I came home from school on Friday to find they had exploded into bloom. The scent is heavenly!

Well, England are now out of the World Cup, but Andy Murray is still going strong at Wimbledon, so perhaps there will be fewer 'debates'  as to which makes the best viewing and I'll get my own way and be able watch tennis EVERY evening ; )   (selfish grin)

Have a good week!


The Garden Bell said...

First, I love that yarn and your pattern is very interesting. Will have to keep this in mind.

I have SPed just about all I know. Totally, a fun time waster when I need a moment of doing something mindless.

It's hot as heck here to. Melting hot,


Stadtwaldvogel said...

Hoooray, it's hot finally! Your crocheted bag looks almost done. The swallowtail shawl will become wonderful, I have made one this year, too. The pattern is not hard to understand. I hope Oscar was able to enjoy the sun, my two budgies do not like it much to be out on the balcony for a while.
The World Cup Game this afternoon was great - and we were better! ;-)
Have a nice week!

Sarah said...

Interesting bag-I like the way it is put together-that would work with patchwork too. Yes-poor England. I had such high hopes. I am not such a fan of tennis so maybe I will be able to get a few of my end of term jobs done at a slightly quicker pace!
I like your South Park you as well!

Northern Monkey said...

Good luck with the swallowtail shawl, I look forward to seeing your progress as it's something I would like to knit at some point. I'm currently working on my first shawl in laceweight (previously did an Ishbel in 4ply) and oh yes it does require concentration and no tiredness or distractions at all!!

Hope Oscar is managing to keep himself as cool as possible, he is such a cutie.

Lyn said...

And England won the cricket!
love Lyn

Willow said...

I'll be interested to see how the bag ends up. I'm a little confused and direction reading challenged.

Don't you just love summer break? Knit, read, knit, drink tea, knit, nap. Repeat.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

At least you had a team in the World's, ours didn't qualify. Oh well maybe next time.
The knitting is coming along well.
Our yellow dog used to love to lie in a kiddie pool to stay cool in the Summer.
Enjoy the week and don't work too hard.
Susan x

Maria said...

The yarn looks scrummy and I am intrigued as to how the bag comes together

Wyatt said...

Very pretty project..can't wait to see the finished bag. Your lilies are bee-ut-iful! Stay cool.


bellaboo said...

Bella loves to play with ice cubes too!
Your lilies are magnificent.I've heard they have developed a variety that doesn't have any staining pollen.

Bellaboo :0)

Tracy said...

The pink crochet bag is coming along lovely, Ros! And can't wait to see the swallowtail shawl in prog soon! It's been so cool here I'm knitting with wool as usual... we have yet to have a real heat wave--LOL! So cute Oscar and the ice cubes. I image he's endlessly entertained with those! ;o) We were so sad to see England lose... But with Wimbledon now there's still a chance for England--yes! Enjoy your summer break! Happy Days ((HUGS))

melissa said...

the bag is looking great!

hooray for ice cubes and puppies!! :)

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom sure wishes she could crochet! Your bag is coming along beautifully!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

josiekitten said...

The bag will come together ok, I promise you. Mine looked just the same! I sorted out a skein of Malabrigo lace to make a Swallowtail shawl too - Spoooooooooooky!!! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend with a squishy parcel!! xxx

Mrs Twins said...

Here's me crocheting my squares up. I just cant get on with sewing them!
OOh this post is so full of everything.
Really lovely. Those flowers are gorgeous and I just love your SP.
Well done!
Such a giggle! Love to you Suex
Thanks for stopping by my garden! x