Sunday, 11 July 2010


Hello there! Just feast your eyes on all those amazing colours. Oh my! Well, what a busy week it's been again. I always forget how much there is to get done at the end of a school year. Slowly but surely things are being ticked off and the count down to the summer hols is well and truly underway. Ten more school day 'get ups' then FREEDOM! Just look at those colours!

I have been an extremely lucky Snoopydog. My family and friends certainly didn't forget the woolly birthday goodies! What a fantastic array of colours! The gorgeous 'Laughing Yaffle' sock skein and Wendy Johnson's new sock book were gifts from the younger Miss Snoopydog, whilst the rest were the amazingly generous contents of my birthday parcel, from my great pal Josiekitten. Wasn't I one lucky Snoopydog! There were lots of sock yarn blankie skeins and mini-balls, a fabulous sock skein from the 'Knitting Goddess', the brilliant 'Crochet Borders' book by Edie Eckman and the most beautiful, droolworthy, scrumptious alpacca, specially ferried all the way from 'La Droguerie' in France. I can't thank you enough! I still haven't stopped fondling!

Oh and this beautiful little 'buttons' jug that I had seen on Ozzy Blackbeard's blog a while back. Such a pretty design and lovely colours! It's destined to hold my short needles.

Well, amidst all the birthday excitement and school busy...ness, I have managed to finish two projects. 'HOORAY!' I hear you shout. Are you ready? Well here they are.....

This is the little cardi for Sophie that I began on the journey home last week. Such a quick and easy knit, using only two 50g balls of 'Sublime'. There's enough left for a hat and baby socks too! Do you like the colour?

This little bag was started three or four week ago and although I quickly crocheted all the squares, I couldn't sum up the enthusiasm to put it all together. Now that I have, I'm glad I persevered. It was extremely easy to crochet together and then edge with double crochet, just to finish it off. I know it really needs a lining now, but I'm not too sure how to go about it. I think I'll wait for Josiekitten to do hers and then 'crib' her instructions when we next meet up! I wasn't sure about the colour, but I've decided it's good to try out colours that would not be a natural  first choice, because now it's done..... I quite like it!

We've had a lovely weekend, enjoying the sunshine and the 'outdoors'. Josiekitten came to visit yesterday, bringing my lovely parcel. We always enjoy a good 'woolly' chat when we get together and had the added excitement of finalising plans for our trip to 'Knit Nation' later in the month.


As the heat of the very hot sun lessened a little in the late afternoon, we decided on a trip to Aldeburgh, just across the border in the Suffolk. It's one of our most favourite places..... by the sea, traditional and unspoilt. Today the wide, deep blue sky really did go on forever. The fish and chip shop sells, what we consider to be, the best fish and chips on the planet...... unless, of course, you know better!  Fish and chips in their wrapping paper, eaten in the fresh air, to the accompaniment of seagull cries...... wow! A real treat! Oscar had his supper 'al freso' too! It was his first visit and he just loved the sea. He gave us the 'paws up'! I think it might be his favourite place too, now!

It does sound like  a really successful week has just been and gone. Well, it has....... except for one slight hitch. This leather doorstop was a birthday gift from one of my friends.

This is what was left on Wednesday evening.....

Oscar was 'in the doghouse'!!!!!!!!! Not for too long though. My friend saw the funny side and I bought a replacement.

That's about it from Snoopydog's world this week. Just let me leave you this pic of the gorgeous alpacca from 'La Droguerie'. What beautiful colours! Sorry, you can only look. Believe me, if I could let you feel too, I would. ENJOY! See you next week.


josiekitten said...

What a lovely, colourful post! I'm glad you like your presents - it's always fun choosing!!! Oscar looks like he's had fun! That photo of all the stuffing is just so funny! The crochet bag looks great too! I'm aiming to line mine this week, all being well. Roll on the holidays and KnitNation! xxx

Tilly Rose said...

Ooooh such fab colours! that wool looks so scrummy....
Good luck with your projects over the you I too am counting the days to freedom!
Us education bods have a hard life!!!...hee hee...

Karen x x x

Lyn said...

Such a nice post lots of things to comment about-
The cardi is so sweet, and well, naughty Oscar but it did look funny!
All those beautiful yarns to play with.
Lovely post, I really like the boats photo.

Sarah said...

Lovely colours in that selection! I keep wanting to go to Aldeburgh-a bit further for us but doable if we got up early.
I know what you mean baout the end of term. I now have only five fairly achievable things on my to do list. Can't wait! Have a good week!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Ooohh, what a great woolly birthday stash of pressies! I can report that my needles are very happy in their jug, hope yours are too! I love all your flowers in the pots, they're gorgeous. I can understand why Oscar was in the doghouse - what a rascal!!

Kathy said...

Poor Oscar - in the doghouse. Inca would have done exactly the same thing. They just can't help themselves!!! As a non-knitter, I always feel tempted to pick up some needles when I see the lovely wools you have on your posts. The colours are fabulous.
I bet you can't wait for the last day of term - I'm totally out of the loop this year. I almost miss the excitement of counting down the days ... mmmm .... almost!
I'm still doing the paper work though, all the records and reports. I'd better get a move on because we've only got nine more get ups in Liverpool.
Love Kathy xxx

Jenny said...

A delicious post, so much gorgeous yarn has got me all fired up for knitting again, I haven't really done much over the past month or so. I particularly like that little cardy, so sweet and better Oscar demolished the doorstop than the yarn I'd say. Enjoy your week and holiday countdown.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

You've been such a busy girl.
The yarn is delicious and I bet I know what you'll be up to during your Summer break.
Love the colour of Sophie's little cardi and that bag is great.
Oscar didn't mean to chew the little doorstop, he just couldn't help himself.
My Lab Duchess has been gone 3 years now and I have a chew mark at the bottom of a kitchen cupboard door she made when she was a pup and I haven't the desire to change it.
Those yellow dogs go right to the heart!
Enjoy your week.
Susan x

melissa said...

what a lovely colorful birthday! (happy belated birthday to you!!)

i am loving that little cardi you made for sophie, and the bag is fantastic.

lucky for oscar he's so completely adorable.... and that you were able to find a replacement!

Willow said...

Love love love the colors! Mmmmm!

Poor Oscar...he just couldn't help himself...

Wyatt said...

Your posts are always so colorful and cheerful! Thanks for making us smile!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Helsie said...

You are such a productive person!
I love Sophie's jacket. Such a pretty colour. and the bag has worked out well too.
Not long till the hols now. I guess you can imagine how difficult it is for our kids down here going to school in the heat. It is soooo hard to get anyone to do anything in the heat isn't it- especially little ones?
Stay in the shade as much as you can and drink lots of water and enjoy the lovely long days as much as you can.

bellaboo said...

Oh,OSCAR!! Hang your head in shame!
You've got to see the funny side though havn't you?
Love the little jacket for Sophie,she is going to look so cute in that.I remember that lovely end of term feeling.I used to love those last few weeks...children moving on to 'big school'..(I ran a nursery school)..all the preparations for the Open Day and then the final goodbyes...and 'see you in September'.Aaah,happy times!

Bellaboo ;0)

Country Girl said...

Aldeburgh fish and chips are the best! It is just down the road from me and I wouldn't get them from anywhere else. Bet you had to queue though!
Laughed at Oscars antics - he's only young still so lets hope he grows out of his chewing ways.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Oh no! We're glad Oscar wasn't in the doghouse for too long and you got a new doorstop!
Sophie's little cardi is just precious! What beautiful color yarns!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Wow, what an explosion of colors! The little Cardigan is very nice, the color is so fresh and great for summer.
Have fun with all your new yarn!

The Garden Bell said...

You truly are one lucky duck. What fun colors you now have to work with. And you know how I love the varigated stuff. This posting just goes on and on.... but don't for a minute think I didn't see your lovely pots of plants out in your garden.

By the way, it's Picasa 3 and it's F.R.E.E..... Lizzie Cat's uses it too for her splended montages. It's fun to play with every once in a while. Specially, on day's like today for me where I don't really have one great picture, but a bunch of dumb ones...he-he... go have fun....

And by the way, that cardi is too die for cute.


Tracy said...

COLOR so much delicious yarn and goodness, Ros! That aqua cardi turned out a treat--so sweet. And so is your bag. LOVE that buttons jug--too cute. Oscar... oh, I love me some Oscar! ;o) It's great to be back here catching up with you after being away some days & unwell--on the mend now, I think. And today I FINALLY posted some knitting. And I lately purchase yard to start my first big crochet project--a ripple throw/blanket...*gulp*... Happy Days ((HUGS))

Mrs Twins said...

A great post. I have enjoyed it very much. You always have such a lot of colour flying around, Just love it.
Hugs Suex

Anonymous said...

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Sue said...

The little sublime cardi looks beautiful on your grand-daughter. I am knitting the same one except with longer sleeves for a friend's baby! I have to say I have just discovered your blog too and I love it. Off to read more!!