Sunday, 8 August 2010


Hello there! What a lovely day it's been here in East Anglia; sunny sky with fluffy, white clouds and a warm breeze. It was just perfect for sitting in the garden and knitting. It's been a busy week and I was in need of some knitting time.

I began the little cardi shown above, in readiness for the Anne Hanson class at Knit Nation. We didn't get to actually use the seaming techniques, so I waited until I got home to seam it up. I used mattress stitch and it certainly does give a much flatter and invisible seam Even though I was using the stripey yarn to sew up, you are unable to see the yarn. Great! I just love those pretty little stripes. I think Sophie will too.

I've also completed one of my Knit Nation socks. I took this straightforward pair to knit on the train and at any suitable times whilst we were in London. Needless to say, I talked so much and knitted so little! Same yarn as the little cardi, just a different colourway. It's pretty mindless knitting, but pretty addictive striping, that always makes me want to knit 'just one more colour' before finishing.

I made a little purchase on e-bay a couple of weeks ago. I haven't  looked on the site for months, but had signed on to hunt for some music books for school. Needless to say, I didn't find the music books, but.............. I DID find this little treasure.

I've spotted these little skein winders around on the internet. I had the fun of bidding for it and won! It cost me £5! A bargain I'd say, especially as it produces these perfect little yarn cakes........ so easily........

Guess what that delicious yarn is! Yep, it's my first ever skein of Wollmeise (colour: Lila Ludmilla). It's the most fabulously scrumptious yarn. It has the colour of summer berries and even smelt like them!!!! Do you want to know what I plan to make? SOCKS! Now there's a surprise. Not just any old socks though, oh no. I'm going to challenge myself  a little and tackle Cookie A's 'Pomatomus' design. I've been wanting to knit these for a while, but didn't have a suitable yarn. Yes, I know that sounds totally impossible with a stash the size of mine, but it's true. I needed a special solid or semi-solid dye and I do tend to go for the beautifully colourful, multi-coloured yarns. So, branching out yet again. I now need to stash more soli ........ oh, let's not go there! Here we are then, ready to go....

'Pomatamus' ready to take up to the cottage in Pickering, North Yorkshire, next week. Yippee! I can't wait!

I said I'd had a busy week and a busy weeek it was indeed. I spent my time visiting my little grandaughter, Sophie. My son and his wife have just bought a much larger, family-sized house in Chorlton-cum-Hardy. I have to admit, I just loved the area. It's so bohemian! There's the little cupcake shop, of course, that I blogged about a couple of months ago, but so, so much more; fabulous water meadows, a beautifully cared for park, great schools, and amazing independent shops. We visited the delicious Barbikan deli and the simply brilliant Unicorn Grocery . The co-operative's 'Statement of Purpose' declares that ....  'We aim to trade in a manner which supports a sustainable world environment and economy.  We aim to trade in wholesome foodstuffs and household goods of non-animal origin. We trade in foodstuffs which have undergone minimal processing, in contrast to the steady trend towards a highly processed diet in this country. Specific product guidelines include the avoidance of added sugar, salt and animal derivatives. We strive to sell products of organic standard and maximum nutritional value whenever we can find or generate a market. Provision of food educational materials help in this aim'. It is a real gem of a shop... an organic fact,an organic supermarket! You could do a large percentage of your day to day shopping here and for a very reasonable price.

I had a really lovely time visiting both my son and his wife, Sophie and Scott (the dog) and my elder daughter and her boyfriend, who have now bought my son's previous house. Nothing like keeping it in the family. In fact we bought the house about twelve years ago, when our son was a student at the RNCM. He was studying on a five year course, so we knew it made sense to buy. It's helped  to give two of our children a 'step up' onto the property ladder.

 I must show one or two photos of Sophie at ten weeks old, taken this week.

Sophie has the most beautiful little hands, with long, very expressive fingers. Perhaps she'll be a musician, like her parents! I know I'm biased, but she is very, very sweet!!! She has the most 'heart-melting', cheeky smile. Can you tell that I'm smitten beyond all imagination. I love her to bits!!! :)

Oh, I nearly forgot to show you the jam pots Mr Snoopydog filled while I was gone. He picked the blackcurrants from the garden and managed to fill eight jars. I did the the prettying of the jars this morning! Scrummy!

Phew! That's it. The whirlwind tour of Snoopydog's week is at an end. I need to draw breath and spend a day or two on housey things and and a day or two on school 'stuff' this week, as next Monday we are all off to North Yorkshire. Hooray!!!!! Have a good week everyone.


Sarah said...

Aaah Sophie is very sweet! Love the look of the purple yarn and the socks are great as always! Hope you have a lovely week in Yorkshire!

Posy Linda said...

Goodness. Your week was been "full steam ahead." I enjoyed all of the great photos. Lil Sophie is beautiful. Enjoy every happy moment!!!!

melissa said...

wonderful wonderful stripy finished projects, but that sweet sweet sophie takes the cake!
she is just too adorable!

ooooh and i love all that purple yarn too - gorgeous!

The Garden Bell said...

I would say you have had a whirl wind week in many ways. I don't know what I would do without my winder. Love it... Keep you eyes peeled for a swifter too. Then, you will be in business forsure. My two best purchases ever.

Sophie is a living doll. What a charmer and sweet, sweet smile.

Toodles for now,

Kathy said...

No wonder you're besotted - Sophie is gorgeous! I like the sound of that co-operative... anything that's an alternative to the bg supermarkets gets my vote!
Enjoy your week in Yorkshire!
Love Kathy xxx
p.s. put that school work down - it's the holidays!!!!

josiekitten said...

Ooh, I'm jealous! I NEED a ball winder too! It certainly beats the boredom of winding yarn a little - it took me over an hour to wind a skein of laceweight this week! The Wollmeise yarn looks just ripe for knitting - the colours are wonderful. And as for those photos of Sophie - beautiful! xxx

bellaboo said...

That was a great find..what a handy gadget!
Little Sophie is a beautiful baby,no wonder you are besotted!

Bellaboo ;o)

Northern Monkey said...

I don't know about bias, Sophie is an absolute cutie! I have also previously stashed lots of variated and self striping yarns but am suddenly looking at patterns that need solids/semi-solids, it's totally reasonable stash explansion!

The ball winder was such a bargain, I must check e-bay for them more often as I would love one :)

Tracy said...

WOW--what a week, Ros! Oh, Miss Sophie is a doll, what a little angel...aaawww... I could kiss that apple cheek...*sigh*... And she does have very lovely, tiny hands. That stripey cardi is wonderful--I love those colors and variation of the stripes. Scrummy yarns/wools...mmm... And equally scrummy jam. A Mr who makes jam... I like that! Enjoy... Happy Week ((HUGS))

Lyn said...

What a busy week! Have a super holiday in North Yorkshire and hope you get some socks dones! Iam impressed that you hubby made the jam, mine wouldn't know where to start!

Jenny said...

A post full of gorgeous things, best of all Sophie she is just beautiful and will look adorable in her new cardy. Thanks for the matress stitch link, it does look much better than the lumpy seams I usually create, when I stop knitting socks and make a garment I'll give it a go. Have a wonderful time in Pickering, how could you not.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Wonderful little cardi and what a fab e-bay bargain, I do love e-bay. aaah little Sophie is gorgeous, you are right she is a very very cute baby.

Love the jam covers, really funky.

Fab idea about the house and passing it on to each other, that is a great idea.

Posy Linda said...

Ms Snoopydog, you are very sweet to leave a comment! I was glad to pop in again so I could see that Little Sophie! Thanks again, Linda .....and Posy too!

Dominique said...

All these colours at "The knit Nation" are wonderfull ... Which chance you have to go to London for that.Is Knit Nation in London every Year ? I want to go the next time.
Your little granddaughter is a pretty girl. Mine is one year old and is name is ChloƩ. It is very nice to be a grandmother ....
Have a good evening !

Maggie and Mitch said...

How precious Sophie is!
Love the cardi and the sock!

Maria said...

Such a sweet Sophie smile. The cardigan will look a treat on her

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

She is such a blessing and will look splendid in her new cardigan.
The yarn available today is certainly such a wide spectrum of choice compared to when my daughter and perhaps yours too were young.
Have a great week.
Susan x

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

I love the stripey cardigan and the socks. The sock yarn is fab. And the winder was such a bargain!

Carrie said...

Oh wow, I've missed so much since I was last here - I've just spent nearly an hour trying to catch up! Little Sophie is completely beautiful (incidentally she was born on exactly the same day as Charlie-kitten!). And that little dog's not quite so little any more!
Thanks so much for coming back to my blog, I'm surprised I have any followers left after being away so long!
Carrie xx

Mrs Twins said...

This is a gorgeous post Snoopydogknits!
Gorgeous photos of the baby i have to say.
Lovely knitting too.
I thought about going to Knit Nation, maybe next year.
Your little machine looks fun, I've seen these on friends blogs!
have fun with it.
Hugs and thanks for the comments!
Love Suex