Sunday, 15 August 2010




Well, what do you think has been going on in our allotment this week? Perhaps some pesky little veggie goblin has cast a spell, or whoever paints the veggies just got the colours wrong. No, no, no! Of course not! These delicious, organically grown, allotment veggies are exactly as they are supposed to be; white carrots (so sweet), black French beans (absolutely delicious) and golden chard (one of my favourites). There is nothing so delicious as freshly picked veggies that you have grown yourselves! The tomatoes in the garden greenhouse are coming along nicely too. They seem to be slower ripening than last year though. As always, they will all decide to ripen whilst we are away.

We've grown rather a lot of chilli plants as well this year and have been really pleased to harvest some red ones. We must have had rather a lot more hot sunshine than I realised, not since school broke up though!!!!

Anyway, onto more knitterly things. I had a lovely surprise earlier in the week, when I was lucky enough to win second prize in a giveaway to celebtare the fifth anniversary of Kate Blackburn's blog 'Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy'. I chose two delicious skeins of Artesano Alpaca Inca Cloud yarn. It's gorgeous!

 This is now project one of my 'up to the cottage' knitting. Obviously, this sweet little project won't occupy for the full twelve days of our stay, so....... what else am I taking? The little project bags are all lined up.

These balls of Regia have been in my stash for a long time now. It's about time they showed themselves. They are to become socks for the sister of my eldest daughter's boyfriend. Her feet are a size 10! I'm sure it's all down to the fact that she runs marathons. All that pounding the streets must flatten your feet somewhat, don't you think? Anyway, she asked for grey and yellow (drew a blank there) or blue... stash-busting here we come! It seemed fitting to choose 'Jules' by Kate Blackburn. Thanks again Kate!

Also on the pile are a pair of Cookie A's 'Pomatamus' socks. I have had this pattern at the top of my 'must knit' list for ages, but due to my insatiable appetite for buying multi-coloured yarn, I have never had anything suitable 'in stock' to knit the pattern with and you you really do need a solid or semi-solid colour for this one.   Not that that normally stops me from just going right on out there and buying some that does suit! It doesn't, but in my knitting journey thus far, I had yet to fully appreciate the beauty of single colour yarns. That's all changed now! 'Knit Nation' has happened and I have now been suitably 'blinded' by the beauty of solid and semi-solid colours. Bring on  WOLLMEISE!!!!! HOORAY! I hear you all cheer. Yes, I bought the 'Pomatamus' yarn at Knit Nation', where we also met Cookie. So, it seemed a fitting reminder of a fabulous weekend. Also, I've been using pretty straightforward patterns for my socks, of late. Probably because I can't mentally manage much more during term time. This pattern will call for my full attention!!!!!

This photo shows the true colour a little better. It's so gorgeous!

My first endeavour this week though, is to finish the 'Artist' sweater that I began months ago. Mr Snoopydog gifted me the yarn last Christmas and unless I have a finished project to show very soon, my chances of receiving more supplies this coming Christmas are pretty minimal!

I think that little lot will keep me pretty busy, inbetween Sophie cuddling, Scott and Oscar stroking and general family 'togethering', don't you? I'm taking my laptop with me, so I'll be able to post a progress report next week.

Oh, nearly forgot! Here are my finished 'Knit Nation Socks'...... Oscar thinks they're coooooool!

Well, at least he did just before I clicked! He's just feigning complete disinterest now.That's dogs for you! One sock does look a little bigger than the other on this pic. That's just down to my bad photography, I can assure you :) They fit really well. There's something very pleasurable and reassuring in these Trekking XXL stripey yarns. However, they just don't match up to the gorgeous hand-dyed skeins that I prefer to knit with. The yarn is nowhere near as soft and the resulting fabric is not as springy, even and satisfying. I'm just always 'taken in' by the colourful effects.

Just before I hurry off to my bed, in excited anticipation of our journey up to the cottage in Pickering, North Yorkshire, tomorrow, let me show you this beautiful little teaset that I spent a rainy afternoon washing this week. It belonged to my mother and was one of the most important things belonging to her, that I kept to treasure after her death. It's Minton 'Haddon Hall' and she adored it. I think it's so, so pretty. I don't use it, although maybe I should. I am rather afraid of breaking a piece and then the 'magic' would be broken. Isn't it lovely!

On that note, I'll say 'goodnight'. Have a crafty week everyone.


Posy Linda said...

Hi Ros. Congratulations on receiving such beautiful yarn. I believe your Mother's china set is as pretty as I have ever seen.

kate said...

First off, I say use the china set. Use it and love it.

Black runner beans?! Must find those seeds.... We currently are eating green, purple and yellow 'green' beans every night. Yum yum yum.

Great knitting projects. Have a fab time in Yorkshire - one of our favourite areas to explore for sure.

Fluzz said...

Enjoy Yorkshire!

The weather here in W.Yorks is quite good so I hope it's good for your hols.

DEFINITELY go visit Ilkley! There's a great yarn shop with local yarns and pottery painting (they'll post the finished item) and there's also a Dutton for Buttons!

Wyatt said...

Your veggies look so pretty and tasty. You should make yourself a little veggie snack and have a cup of tea with that lovely china!!


Kathy said...

That china needs to be seen often -it's so pretty. Have a great time in Yorkshire. I hope the weather is kind to you, and you have some lovely doggy walks. Enjoy your kntting too .. that lot would take me forever, but I'm sure you'll have lots to show us all very soon.
Love Kathy xxx

Jenny said...

What great projects you have lined up (for a fabulous location if I may say) and lovely yarn shot featuring Oscar. I have so many sock patterns to try, I'd forgotten about Jules but I must start that next, Kate is very clever. Finally I too think you should use the beautiful tea set, maybe not every day but do use it, life is too short, you must have read the poems. Enjoy my native land.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We've never seen white carrots before! Do they taste the same as the orange ones?
Your mom's tea set is just gorgeous! Our mom would put it away for safe keeping too!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Northern Monkey said...

I'm also learning the joys of semi-solid yarns after spending lots on self-striping and varigated. I am with you on buying the bright, striping, mass-produced yarns...they're not as soft and lovely BUT they produce socks that can be thrown in the wash, great if knitting socks as a gift for someone who wouldn't think to hand wash them. I save all my precious hand painted skeins for myself!

That teaset is gorgeous, I think you should use it sometmies, it's important to get enjoyment from things instead of "saving" them but never getting any pleasure from them.

I look forward to your progress report.

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Hey Ros,
all this lovely projects... I hope you will have enough time to finish some! The sweater will be great!
Have a good time cuddling Sophie and knitting!
Yours, Julia

bellaboo said...

I think you should use the least for special occasions.We have a beautiful Royal Worcester teaset given to us for a wedding present..and like you I was afraid to use it..but then I thought the giver wouldn't have wanted us to put it away in a cupboard.Enjoy it..and the memories of your mother every time you use it.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Bellaboo :o)

melissa said...

i love all your creatively colored veggies - what fun!

and that is some gorgeous gorgeous yarn as well.
have a wonderful time in yorkshire!

Maria said...

Those veggies look so yummy - well done with a fantastic harvest
Congrats on the yarn win

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

I hope you have a really lovely time in Yorkshire, the projects in their little bags look really inviting. I have my Nan's very precious Teaset and she says "better to break it using it than dusting it " -well put I think!
Louise x

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

The teaset is gorgeous and I know you shall treasure it as your Mum did...
I love all the different hues of veggies that add such wonderful colour to an ordinary dish.
Hope you, Hubby and Oscar are enjoying your holiday... I'm sure you took some knitting along.
Susan x

Tracy said...

Hi, Ros! LOVE that tea set! The pattern reminds me of something... GORGEOUS tasty bits from the allotment--those purple-black runner beans are beautiful! What a great win with the yarn... And I just LOVE how Oscar admires everything too. He is so attentive. ;o) Those Jules socks & wool you've chosen look a great combination. I must check out that pattern. Have WONDERFUL time away... See you here soon. ((HUGS))

Fiona said...

Just found your blog. Can't believe you're from Norfolk and off to Yorkshire tomorrow. I'm from Norfolk and went to Yorkshire last week!

Caroline said...

I'm always sure that I pack extra yarn when I leave on vacation. I was in Yorkshire for a week about twenty-five years ago. I loved it.

Ohhh, and that china set is so wonderful I know what you means about not using it. We had a quilt that my mother-in-law gave me years ago, and I used to use it when we'd go on camping trips...until one morning I noticed a name and 1884 written on one of its corners!! Now, I have it careful stowed away. It was probably happier when I still used it, ha, ha.