Saturday, 4 September 2010


 Goodness, how time flies! I can't believe I'm back here chatting to you again. I posted on Saturday last week, as we had planned to race up to Manchester to see baby Sophie and for Mr S to see our son and daughter-in-law's new house. We left early on Sunday morning, returning on Monday afternoon. The view above was taken coming down off the Snake Pass. You can see Manchester in the distance. This isn't the shortest route from Norfolk, but it is most certainly the most scenic and the one that we almost always take.

Despite the long drive, we had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, as the sun shone and we could walk the dogs and mooch around new haunts in Chorlton, where their house is located. Sophie was pleased to see us too!

It's been a busy and tiring week, as school resumed on Wednesday. The children don't return until this coming Monday, but even with NO children I felt shattered by Friday. We spent the three days in meetings, completing a First Aid course and sorting out our classrooms. It all seems so easy when there are no children around. The classroom looks clean and tidy. The shiny new stationery is out on tables, brightly coloured name labels are dangling from pegs and place names are awaiting their owners. Phew!

Needless to say, I STILL have to plan what I am actually going to teach next week, hence the reason for my post appearing on Saturday again this week, rather than the customary Sunday evening. Methinks I may well be a tad busy tomorrow!!!!!!!

The sun shone on and off for most of the morning today, so I made the most of it and sat in the garden to sew up the finished 'Artist' sweater.

 I'm sort of pleased with it, but also have some niggles. I don't make many large items for myself and maybe don't pay quite enough attention to the actual finished size to expect. I chose to make a size 12, but the sweater has ended up rathet roo wide under the arms for my liking. It is really supposed to be quite fitted. The same problem arose with the 'October Afternoon' cardi I made last year. I'll try a 10 next time!!!! My tension is correct, so I guess it's a lesson nearly learnt. I am pleased, however, with my much improved sewing up technique. I have to say, I almost enjoyed sewing up, as the seams were looking so flat. This was made possible by simply using 'mattress stich'.

The sweater has three quarter sleeves......just in case you were thinking, I must have very short arms!!!

I 've also made some progress on the 'Jules' socks. This is one of Kate Blackburn's patterns. The pattern is very easy and very effective. I love the heel detail!

They are taking rather a long time as I am used to knitting socks to fit a size 5 or 6, but these are to be a size 10! Think I'll need the third ball of yarn.

That's been my week! Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you about poor dear Oscar. He has had an intermittent limp for quite a few weeks now and we have been backwards and forwards to the vet, trying new diets, limiting exercise, anti-inflammatory tablets; all to no avail! He has now been x-rayed and has to have an operation next Tuesday at a specialist orthopaedic vet clinic about an hour's drive away. He has a problem with the growth of cartilage in his shoulder joint; it's something called Osteochondritis. I think he will be staying there for two or three nights. Poor Oscar!!!!! Hopefully though, the problem will be resolved and he will soon be able to run like the wind again.

I'll let you know how he is next time. I'm a little worried, but I'm sure all will be well. By this time next week, Oscar will be home again and I will have met and taught my new class for a whole week. I am always nervous before the first day.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everybody.


Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Your jumper is lovely, I love the colour and the details on the cuffs. And your seams are fab! I personally avoid set-in sleeves like the plague! I absolutely hate sewing them in - it's top-down productions for me!

I feel your pain about the fit of your jumper. Recently Mr Blackbeard asked me what the most difficult thing about knitting was, and my answer was the fit of things. I always calculate like mad from my swatch. I try to work out what size it will be from various stitch counts on the pattern, but I always feel it's never an exact science.

I really hope all goes well for Oscar on Tuesday! It's so scary when our pets have to have an operation. The cats and I send him lots of furry good thoughts!

Northern Monkey said...

The jumper is lovely but green is my favourite colour so I'm always taken with green things.

I hope Oscar is OK and your first week with your new class goes well.

Sarah said...

Love the jumper-is it possible to knit size 10 arms on a size 10 jumper(Knitting ignoramus question!)
I love that photo from high up on the hills, I would much rather take the scenic route rather thatn the quickest. I feel exhausted after three days back-despite geting up early every day in the holidays more or less. It is a different sort of tired. I had to have a nap this evening! I am always a bit nervous before the first day with the kids-I find myself wondering how I actually do my job! It went fine though! Good luck for Monday.
Poor Oscar-I hope he is fine, I am sure he will be. Enjoy the rest of the weekend-don't do tto much tomorrow-it is only the first week!

Kathy said...

Oh poor Oscar ... he's so young to be having an operation! Hope it goes well for him, and for you worrying about him! Good Luck for Monday! I never sleep the night before the first day .. I get so nervous. How silly is that when we've been doing it so long. I feel very strange this year, because my husband has gone back to school but I'm still at home taking things easy ... I almost feel left out!
Love Kathy xxx

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our paws are crossed for you, Oscar! We hope you're back to 100% soon!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

melissa said...

your sweater looks fantastic!

and i'll be thinking of dear oscar when he has his surgery this week. i hope all goes well!

Lyn said...

Hello Ros, I love those days before the children come back Our school always hires a skip and we have a good clear out. The classrooms look clean and tidy and we had our training day and well I just need to thin what we are doinf in each classroom for the topics next week but I'm going to ease myself into it! Hope Oscar's op goes ok and you have a good week.

josiekitten said...

The jumper looks lovely, and such neat seaming too! A shame it's a bit large, but it can always be a top layer in the autumn, over another woolly. I know what you're like going out without a coat!!! I like the Jules pattern in the plain yarn very much. And we will all have our fingers (and paws) crossed for Oscar next week. I'm sure he will be fine. xxx

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Your sweater is so beautiful! It is hard to make knitted clothes perfectly matching, so don't be sad, nobody but you will notice it!
Best wishes for Oscars operation next week. Everything will go well!
It is funny to hear that a teacher is nervous before the first day back at school. I was always nervous as a pupil, too. :-)
Yours, Julia

Jenny said...

Great jumper, you will get lots of wear from it I'm sure. Inspired by you I knitted the Jules socks too, thoroughly enjoyed the pattern and got them out of 100 g Regia. Must post them soon as they were for Mr FF's birthday in August. Hope Oscar's op goes well, the poor lamb, there will be lots of positive blog wishes coming his way.

Diane said...

So glad you have enjoyed your time in Yorkshire - you must have almost driven past my house to get onto the snake pass (a very scarey road!!) Your knitting looks great. Good Luck for this week. xxxx

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hello Ros and Oscar! I hope next week is not very diffcult for Oscar, get better soon!
Your green pullover is wonderful!Have a nice first week at school!
Best wishes Teje and Nero

Tracy said...

Oh, that BIG SKY at the top makes my heart sing! Beautiful jumper--lovely wool. I feel a bit the same too. I don't make too many large knit items for myself as often something seems "off" with sizing in some why. It's a bit of a science is knitting sometimes! Maths must be used...not my strong point--LOL! Oh, but poor sweet Oscar! Do hope all will be well... Do let us know how things go. Kiss him for me! :o) Best wishes this first week back at class. ((HUGS))

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a busy week! Hope your first day went well - it must be strange going back after weeks off. Poor Oscar - he looks healthy and fit so he will have no problems I am sure but it is always a worry when they are away from home :-(

The Garden Bell said...

What a wonderful sweater you have made yourself my dear. That green is perfect for the fall. Wondefully yummie. I also, so enjoyed your last posting and I'm always up for a walk in the countryside with you.

Keep my fingers and toes crossed for Oscar.

Mrs Twins said...

Good Morning Ros,
What I love about your blog are the pretty scenery photographs! Simply gorgeous.
I'm afraid I cant help you with knitting haven't got a clue.
But I do love looking at the colours of your yarn! Beautiful.
Yes, I do hope all goes well for Oscar. I'm sure you'll let us know how he gets on!
Love Suex