Sunday, 12 September 2010


Hello there! Good to see you again. I hope you've had a good weekend. It's been glorious here in Norfolk today. Just right for sitting in the garden and catching up on a bit of knitting, whilst Oscar soaks up some 'recovery' sunshine.  He had his operation on Tuesday. We didn't know beforehand, quite how the orthopaedic vet would tackle the problem. There were three possibilities, the most cutting edge approach being keyhole surgery. Luckily that was the decision, so at least he has only a very small entry lesion with three stitches and has been a brilliant boy and left them alone, which means he hasn't had to wear the dreaded 'halo'. A flap of cartilage, about one and a half centimetres across, was removed. Mr S collected him on Thursday at about 5pm. He was still not over the anaesthetic properly and spent much of the evening feeling very sorry for himself, moaning and groaning and looking as though he wasn't really too sure where he was!

However, come Friday morning and being a 'let's get on with life' kind of guy, he was pretty much back to the Oscar we know and love. He has a very pronounced limp and only wants to put his toes to the ground at the moment, but we have been told this is normal after such a procedure. He is supposed to be confined to a small room, with no running, jumping up etc. for four weeks, save for 5 to 10 minute slow walks to see what's going on in the world and to do what dogs have to do! Hmm, easier said than done with a ten month old exhuberant, 'isn't it great to be alive' lab. We're doing our best and he now seems a little more resigned to the regime. At least today, he could lay outside with me and soak up some September rays. The operation has a. 80 to 90% success rate. So, fingers crossed.

Between Oscar nursing and entertaining, school paperwork (a lorry load!!!!!) and general first week back at school 'oh so tired' ness, not too much knitting has been done. I did finish the first of my Jules socks last Sunday.

The pattern works perfectly and I love how the ridges run on down into the heel. Hopefully, it's twin will be under way this week.

I had planned to make a little short-sleeved cardi for Sophie, with the yarn from Kate Blackburn, but decided there probably wouldn't be quite enough. So, I've started this gorgeous drop stitch scarf instead.

I love this simple, fun, but very effective pattern The two 50g balls of Artesano Inca Cloud baby alpacca yarn will be plenty to make a soft and snuggly neck warmer. It knits up so quickly.

I've also started a little hooded coat for Sophie. I bought the Debbie Bliss 'baby cashmerino' a while ago, especially to knit this pattern. I got started this afternoon.

I love this beautifully soft yarn and the colour is so pretty. Just right!

Just before I go, Oscar would like to thank everyone for their kind good wishes and says he'll soon be back on top dog form.

Well, that just leaves me to wish you all a happy and successful week, whatever you are doing.


Northern Monkey said...

Glad Oscar is on the mend. The sock pattern is very effective, I like it a lot.

josiekitten said...

So glad to hear that Oscar is feeling better. Fingers crossed that it sorts out his problem. I love the Jules sock pattern - might give it another go! Sounds like your first week and mine were pretty similar! Roll on half term!

Kathy said...

Good to see that Oscar is on the mend ... he'll be running around again in no time!
Have a great week.
Love Kathy xxx

Maggie and Mitch said...

We love the picture of you in your garden, Oscar! Lots of AireZen is coming your way! Heal quickly, buddy!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Wyatt said...

Hi Oscar,
Glad to hear that you are on the mend. You look happy....attitude is everything!


kate said...

Glad to hear Oscar is home and recovering well. Lovely pictures.

The cables in that little sweater are delightful!

Dominique said...

I wish Oscar a good health.
See you soon.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

My best wishes to Oscar for a quick successful recovery. I know their discomfort as my yellow lab had cruciate ligament surgery on her rear leg years ago...
But he'll be ready to roar sooner than you like and back to his old self in no time.
Love the new little hoodie you're knitting for Sophie, such a beautiful colour. She's a lucky girl.
Have a great week.
Susan x

Country Girl said...

Good luck in stopping a young lab from running and jumping - not sure if that is at all possible!
What a lot of projects you have on the go - glad its not just me!

Tracy said...

Sooo VERY happy that sweet Oscar is doing OK... So hope he will be well. LOVE, love this mosaic of him in his best moments. :o) BEAUTIFUL knitting... that drop stitch scarf is lovely. And that cable pattern for the little sweater is wonderful... You are an amazing knit artist, Ros! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aaah big sloppy hugs to Oscar from me, our Charlie is a bit under the weather this week with an adscess :-( love that colour you are using for Sophie's cardi, it looks just like autumn heather.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Phew! I'm glad to read (and see) that Oscar's ok. :)

I love the drop stitch scarf, that pattern is very effective. And the pink cables are gorgeous.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...
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Stadtwaldvogel said...

I am very happy Oscar is getting better now and hope he will be healthy completely soon!
The drop stitch scarf is nice, I have been looking at the pattern for a while... it looks fun!
The cardigan for Sophie will be very pretty, I love the soft lavender color.
Have a nice week!

Aksharaa said...

Hello Oskar,
so glad to meet you.
sorry that you had to have an operation. but we are sure you will be back to 100% soon. after all we Labradawgs just can't be sad for too long, come whatever may.
your mummy knits beautifully.will she make you some winter wear?
our mummy doesn't know much knitting!!
hope we can be friends,
buddy n ginger

Helsie said...

You know the saying " you can't keep a good dog down"? Well something like that ! Glad Oscar is bouncing back.
The knitting all looks good too!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for Oscar - I hope he's in the 'success' part of the statistic. I notice he has beautiful long paws like our youngest lab! I love the collage of all the photos - what a lovely idea!
Also, I recently discovered mattress stitch - it's awesome isn't it!
Oh and finally, I made a drop stitch scarf two winters go and still wear it loads - it's a wonderful pattern!
Vikki xx

melissa said...

oh i am so glad to hear dear oscar is on the mend. your knitting is lovely as ever, but oscar has all my thought this week! :)

Sarah said...

I am pleased that Oscar is recovering well and without the halo! He looks great in all his pictures! Love the scarf and the jacket for Sophie looks lovely.
Hope you have a good reast of the week and lovely weekend!

Hound Girl said...

Hi, we think you are adorable Oscar!! We came across your blog from our pal Corbin!! We look forward to reading more about you!!

Teje and Nero said...

Dear Oscar, we are so happy you are at home and recovering! We hope you get better soon and can run and play again in your lovely garden! You have wonderful photos! Wishes with hugs Teje and Nero
Beautiful knittings! Teje

Lyn said...

So glad Oscar is on the mend.
Could do with some of those lovely socks today-it's gone so cold here!
ps thank you for your lovely comment on my blog too!

Mrs Twins said...

Pleased Oscar is getting on okay. I just love stopping by your photos are out of this world!
I bet you have a really expensive camera! They sure are a delight.
Glad things have settled back down well for school. We've all been so tired this week too.
Love to you and thanks for visiting me!
Hugs Suex

Gorgeous Things said...

Hello - I've just found your lovely blog, and enjoyed a nice read with my coffee! Looks like you have your hands full with that pup - I hope he's soon charging around again. You have some great knitting projects - I've just rediscovered yarn after a 18 year break, and really loving it - I can't think why I ever stopped!
Gorgeous x

Teje said...

Hello Oscar, my friend! Thank you for having me in your Favorite places! Nero

Anonymous said...

am just catching up on your lovely posts (not back to blogging yet sadly, but at least back to reading :o)
sorry to hear poor oscar has been in the wars, i wish him all the best in his recovery xoxoxox