Sunday, 21 November 2010


Good evening, once again! I can't believe how quickly the weeks seem to be 'galloping away'. In no time at all, it will be Christmas and the nights will begin drawing out again. I guess, the upside is that I must be gainfully occupied. Busy, is the word!!!!! Knitting is having to squished into little pockets of time whenever and wherever. I really don't mind being busy. In fact, I like it, but I would much, much rather be busy knitting, than doing all the other 'necessary' jobs.

Anyway, now that Oscar seems to be recovering, or at least not limping anywhere as much as he was, Mr Snoops and I decided to resume our Sunday morning al fesco coffee drinking trips. What a lovely surprise greeted us as we arrived in the city centre. I adore these old fashioned 'galloping horses' carousels and this one is a really beautiful example. We watched as the covers were removed and the coke was shovelled into the steam engine, ready for some excited little customers to arrive later in the morning.

I know I'll have to go back and pay the 'gallopers' a visit when the lights are on and the carousel is spinning and the organ is playing. I can't wait!

Knitting progress has had another rather slow week. Certainly no 'galloping' there! I completed a little hat for Sophie, using the remainder of the Rico 'creative poems' aran from the colourful bolero. There was not really quite enough, so the I'm not sure the hat will fit. The pattern is Woolly Wormhead's 'Baby Tri-Peak Hat' . It's very simple, very quick and the pattern is beautifully written. It was quite difficult to photograph without a sweet little Sohie head handy, but here it is.....

I received a new book this week, bought very cheaply from one of Amazon's 'book sellers' . It's 'Hats On!' by Charlene Schurch. I had liked several hat patterns that had come from this book, on Ravelry. I guess the book may now be out of print, as it's an American 1999 publication. It's in black and white, but the for the princely sum of £4.37 I consider it a bargain.

I've chosen to knit the Aran Watch Cap for Mr Snoops as a Christmas gift. It will keep his head nice and toasty, when he's out with Oscar. I'm using Rowan's 'pure wool aran' this time. The last two 'man' hats were made using Rowan 'felted tweed', which is not stretchy and springy enough for hats. Hopefully, this will give a more successful result.

The aran coat is slowly growing. I have almost finished the second front and will then just have the sleeves and collar to complete, before the dreaded assembling and sewing-up begins. Perhaps I'll be able to show you a little more substantial progress next week.

That's all there is to tell this weeek. Not very exciting, but a normal, 'run of the mill' week for old Snoops. Oh, just  a couple more snippets of everyday life......

..... a week's worth of woolly socks and a woolly jumper, waiting to be put in the airing cupboard this morning. So bright and colourful and snuggly-looking. I just had to bury my face in them!

....... a saucepan full of delicious leek, onion and potato soup, just waiting to be galloped through the Magimix. That's lunches sorted for the week! Hmmm! Think the camera lens got a little steamy ;-).

Right must dash!  Off to the pub now, for the monthly Quiz. We meet up with friends and enjoy a couple of beers. So, no knitting tonight!

Have good week everyone.


Teje said...

Hello Ros! I hope you had lovely evening with your friends at the pub! It's always so nice to get a new book in our hands! Sofie's hat is sweet and I love the mixed colour yarn! I haven't seen carusel in ages...they are facinating!
Hugs and kisses to you and Oscar! Teje and Nero

josiekitten said...

Love the little hat - I do hope that it will fit Sophie! Your sock pile looks lovely and colourful too! I shall have to take a look through your new hat book when we next meet. It's not one I've heard of before! Have a good week! xx

kate said...

The little hat is super cute! I love seeing people's sock piles, the colours are always so different.

Glad to hear Oscar is on the mend. Have a great week!

Lyn said...

All looks lovely!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Hello! What a great photo of the hobby horses! I loved those when I was wee!

Sophie's hat is lovely, and what a lot of socks!

melissa said...

mmmm.... i love run-of-the-mill weeks at your place! delicious soups, a rainbow of handknits, sweet baby hats, wonderful oscar pups (i'm glad to hear he's improving)... wonderful!!

Wyatt said...

Everything about your post today is warm and cozy....right down to the soup, Thanks!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Sue said...

Sofie's hat is very cute. The book looks like it has some great patterns in it too. Too hot here for soup but it does look very nice indeed. Must put that on my list for winter next year I think! Hope you manage some more knitting time.

bellaboo said...

We have one of those carousels in the town every year along with a big wheel and other rides.It was always my favourite,the only one I'd go on as a child,I was too scared of the others! Would love to see a pic of Sophie wearing her new hat.I'm so into my crochet now,any spare minute,the hook comes out! :0)

Kathy said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear that Oscar is well again. I'm sure he's delighted to be back on full strength walkies!
I love old fairground rides. We used to go to a Steam Fair each September when the children were little and we would all go on the carousel together. Lovely!
Love Kathy xxx

Country Girl said...

I love those old Gallopers. Apparently, inside the Forum there is a knitted Christmas tree, made by many WI ladies. It is about 8 feet high - I am desperate to go and see it!

Sarah said...

I love the hat! I think even I might be able to manage it-it looks quite simple to the amateur. I am glad Oscar continues to get better too. I like those types of carousels too-they do look so pretty at night.
Have a good rest of the week-hope you get a little knitting done!

Aksharaa said...

Dear Ros and Oscar,
We are so very sorry we haven't been visiting u as much as we would like to. we are trying hard to catch up today.
Thanks for your comments and advice.we too believe in living a 'natural' life and hope we can work out something.
Thanks for offering to talk to Oscar's vet. We really appreciate this.
Glad to know Oscar is feeling better. please keep us updated.

Wishing you and your family a very very happy, peaceful, warm and memorable thanksgiving.

And hey! That leek soup just made us drool all over!!!:)

Buddy n Ginger n Mummy too

sophie...^5 said...

Knitting vs Pub....aah let's see which wins out...I guess Pub does! My Dad is knitting a Rowan indigo cotton sweater right now...great stuff he says! That carousel is a beauty...would love ride on that. The soup looks so says so!!