Sunday, 23 January 2011

CAST ON, CAST ON, CAST ON ..........

Good evening! Hope you've had a good week. Mine has been busy, busy, busy as usual, but I have made myself a little knitting time. At long last, I have finished the 'Mystery KAL' 'Raspberry Coulis' socks. I love the yarn, the colour and the pattern. They were great fun to knit and have led me down the slippery slope of socks, socks, socks again!!!!!

I needed a completely plain pair to keep for 'in the car' knitting, as I'm not too good at knitting anything with any  pattern to follow, whilst travelling. I guess I'm way too nosey!!!!! I bought the yarn for half price in the John Lewis post-Christmas sale. It's Wendy 'Happy'; a mix of 75% bamboo and  25% nylon. It's very soft to work with and rather floppy, but in quite a nice way, I think. I loved the stripy - ness of it!

As you can see, I got them well under way yesterday, on the way to Oscar's hydrotherapy. I think I'm going to rather like them!

I had wanted to cast on another pair too, as my 'easy, but not mindless' pair, but have only got as far as winding the yarn. That, in itself, was great fun , as I used my new yarn swift for the first time. It was just SOOOO easy to wind the skein. It was done in a flash!

The yarn is hand-dyed by Jenny Cook and is merino wool with a little nylon for strength.

 I just love the pretty, soft,  'not too bright' colours. They reminded me of a wildflower meadow, so I shall name the socks, 'Wildflower' socks. Hopefully they will be 'on the needles' later on this evening, oh yes! I have used the pattern before; it's 'Wildflower Socks' by Fawn Pea!!!! A pattern made just for my yarn, or maybe my yarn made just for the pattern. I don' really care, because I think they go together just fine.

At long last, I have also 'cast on' 'Gunnerside Ladies'. I've just completed the back rib. I'm aiming to complete it before half-term. Now there's a challenge!

The younger Miss Snoops and I went to see 'The King's Speech' last night. I have to say, it was brilliant! We have the Country's oldest independent art house cinema. Although the building has been sympathetically renovated and restored through the ages, properties were recorded on the site as early as the 13th century. It's a brilliant place to watch a film, have a drink or enjoy a meal; one of my favourite haunts, although we never seem to get there often enough these days.

As I mentioned earlier, we are still trekking across the County once or twice a week to the hydrotherapy pool with Oscar. He is much improved, but since beginning to gradually build up his exercise, on the vet's advice, he has begun to limp again, occasionally. So, he has to go back to the specialist in a few week's time, probably to be x-rayed again. He's certainly not feeling sorry for himself though....

Errm, who said that you were allowed on that chair Oscar? More ofen than not, he gets rid of the cushion first, so that there's more 'curl up' room. That's his all time favourite toy beside him. It was a giraffe once upon a time!

Have to go now, I'm afraid. Supper calls. Homemade lasagne, salad and garlic bread is on the menu tonight. Then, I'm going to 'cast on' those socks. Oh the joy of 'cast-ons'! Have good week everyone and thanks for calling in.


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Those labs sure know how to get comfy don't they.
I like the colour of that new sock yarn you wound yourself... very soft and pretty.
I've yet to see the King's Speech and am hoping to make it there this week.(if it would warm up just a bit. -30C wind chill here today. Yes you read that right -30C)
Enjoy your dinner and the week ahead.
Susan x

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Ooohh!! The Raspberry Coulis socks are gorgeous, the pattern is lovely, and the colour is delicious!

The last socks I made were made with Wendy Happy. I wasn't fussed on it at first, I found it a bit splitty, but I grew to like it, and I know what you mean about the floppiness.

Glad to hear Oscar is improving. He certainly looks well!

bellaboo said...

The trouble I have with letting Bella up on the chairs,is she doesn't understand why she's not allowed on them when she's covered in mud! Sounds like Oscar needs to take it easy for a bit longer. :0)

josiekitten said...

I know what you mean about needing a mindless pair of socks on the go! I love the colours in your 'Wildflower' yarn - the socks are going to be very pretty! Hope Oscar's limp goes quickly. Have a good week!

millie said...

i think we'll have supper with you this evening ;o)

my word Oscar just gets more and more handsome. i do hope that whatever is causing the recent limping can be easily remedied, he has certainly been through the wars. something that makes him even more attractive to Lily, she sees him as a hero.

love the socks!!! and that new contraption thingy, looks pretty cool. the new yarn is pretty too.

lovely to catch up with you again.
many thanks for your lovely words on my blog xxx

wishing Oscar and yourself a wonderful week

with warmest hugs from me and slobbery kisses from Lily xxx

Kathy said...

What a very handsome boy Oscar is! Sorry to hear he's limping again!
Inca's favourite place is up on the sofa too, with her head on someone's knee ... and always with a toy close by. She has several favourites and carries them from room to room all day.
Glad you enjoyed the King's Speech ... I thought it was wonderful too.
Have a great week!

Northern Monkey said...

The Rasberry Coulis socks look great. I've caught the sock bug again lately as well.

Oscar is looking lovely as ever, he's such a cutie.

Have a great week

Sarah said...

Oscar looks very sweet and happy on his chair. Did you knit his toy? It looks well loved! Your socks are great-the pattern on the raspberry coulis pair is so clever! How you can knit in the car I have no idea-I would definitely get in a mess if I tried that! I must go and see that film-I am terrible for letting them go by. Hope you have a good week too!

kate said...

Look at you rocking all the socks! Lovely colours in all of them.

I'm looking forward to seeing that movie. Although I have no historic movie house to go see it in, I'm sure we'll still enjoy it :)

The Garden Bell said...

Your socks never cease to amaze me. You should really sell them. But, I can only imagine how much work goes into them. Great pictures. Love out on the wooden deck.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your socks are just beautiful! Our mom so wishes that she liked to knit them but after two pair, she's thrown in the towel. She just doesn't think they're fun to knit :-(

Anna said...

Oh I love those gorgeous socks!

Jenny said...

Why am I so excited about all your cast ons, especially the Gunnerside. I can't wait for half term.

Country Girl said...

Love your socks - I intend to try sock knitting this year.
Didn't get to see The Kings Speech this weekend but will try again during the week!

Teje said...

Hi Ros and Oscar! Oscar looks so wonderful in HIS chair with his favorite toy!
I love those yarns you are knitting now! Especially the dark grey and the pattern you are making for a pullover!
Have a great week!
xxx Teje and Nero

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

hellooooo are you having a lovely tuesday?
i have blogged about my first adventures i crochet *blush*
really hope to get into it this year and kitting also. i will be popping over here regularly for inspiraiton :o)

love & hugs


Tracy said...

Oh, Oscar! How much he is growing! And so very glad he's doing better. ;o) LOVE, ADORE those Raspberry Coulis socks...*SWOON*... That is some gorgeous color and lovely pattern--pretties socks ever?! You weekend evening sounded so good... especially the lasgane ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Stadtwaldvogel said...

I love your socks! The color is amazing as well as the pattern. Looking forward to see more of the wildflower project.
Yours, Julia

Willow said...

Oh those yarns! Luscious colors, especially the new Wildflower sock yarn.

Isn't casting on the best part? :)

Aksharaa said...

Love that Classic art house cinema!!
Wanna watch 'The King's Speech' so much. But none of the theatres here are running it. Probably will have to get a DVD after all.

Love that 'wildflower' yarn. Such lovely pastle colours:)

the lake and sky pictures look so peaceful...

pee ess:
Oscar, We are so glad that u are geeting stronger. Why the limp now? Nothing too serious we hope.
We could have helped with that stuffiee:) :)
wags, Gin, Bud n Shadow

Kathy said...

I love your KAL socks. I'm still trudging through my first one. I was going to make a push on them after xmas knitting was done, but it didn't happen and now I'm trying to finish a sweater before next Month... we shall see. And I forgot to mention... can you darn your beautiful socks? maybe with some fun purple yarn?

melissa said...

oscar is is handsome - sorry to hear he's limping again.

glad your swift worked so well!
and those raspberry socks are *gorgeous*!!!!!