Sunday, 30 January 2011

LAZY WEEKEND..............

Good evening to you, on the Sunday eve of what has been a rather cold and dull weekend, here in my little corner of the World. So much so, that I designated today 'stay at home Sunday'! I've caught up on outstanding bits of schoolwork, that could not be delayed any longer. My 'to do' list is still VERY long, but at least it's shorter than it was when I woke up this morning! The above photo was taken yesterday, showing how grey the day was, although there was the tiniest and shortest glimmer of sunlight. I love the reflections of the branches on the water!

It really has been a pretty lazy weekend. I've made time to get some knitting done too. Both pairs of socks that were cast on last week, have progressed quite nicely. I'm really enjoying the mindlessness of the 'Happy Socks' ......... 'mindless' is exactly what I need at present ;-). The stripey yarn keeps my interest and the high bamboo content ensures a nice soft, squishiness as I knit.

The very pretty 'Wildflower Socks' are coming along nicely too. This also, is a very easy pattern to memorise.

I've also managed to make some progress with the 'Gunnerside Ladies'. The chunky yarn ensures a speedy growth rate! Again, the pattern is relatively easy to work from, with the reverse-side rows merely shadowing the right side.

Can you see those stiches that have just 'slipped' from the needle? Guess who's to blame?

Mmm! Thanks Oscar! He quickly scuttled away from the situation and tried to make himself scarce..... Naughty dog!

Before I close this evening, I must show you a rather sad photo. These were one of my favourite pairs of socks, made using Natural Dye Studio, 'Nino' a merino wool, in the colourway ' mint and evening primrose'. The pattern was 'Spring Forward' by Linda Welch. I loved them dearly!!!!

Now look!

Disaster has struck! My 'April Flowers' are now no more....sob.....sob! Rest in Peace pretty, soft and snuggly socks. I will never forget you.

I guess I have to remember that there are always more socks heading right along there. I will never actually be short of a pair of socks. But that's not the point! Enough said.

Roast lamb is on the menu this evening, so I'd better go and make some 'oh that smells good!' noises in the kitchen ..... Mr Snoops is 'chef'' today! 

Wishing you all a good week. Let's hope we see a little more sunshine.


Wyatt said...

Just love the wildflower socks. Makes us think of spring and warmer weather to come!

Wyatt and Wyatt's Mom

josiekitten said...

You've had a productive weekend! That wildflower sock is very pretty! My socks in that very same yarn is the first pair to get a hole too. Must be the yarn! I have spare, so I could darn them I suppose! Have a good week! xx

Kathy said...

I love that grey knitting ... great colour and great pattern.
Isn't it awful when school work gets in the way of a weekend ... I've vowed not to let that happen again... so far ... so good ... but I know it'll all catch up with me soon.
Have a good week! Not long till half term!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Love the reflection on the water.
For shame, that Oscar is a rascal but I'm sure there was little scolding from his Mum.
The socks are so beautiful even though they have a hole. There is a book or two out there of little stuffies made from socks, perhaps you could recycle it to live another day!
Susan x

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

That Oscar is a scallywag!!! All your knitting looks lovely, I can't decide what I like best!

Tilly Rose said...

Hi hun!
Lovely photo's!
I love your wildflower yarn and that bllue n red stripe yarn is amazing!

Happy knitting x x x

bellaboo said...

Those wildflower socks are gorgeous!
Mmmm...enjoy your roast lamb.We had a roasts at the pub today,pork and beef.I would have preferred lamb but they only had those on the menu.
Hope Oscar is forgiven for his misdemeanor! :0)

Anna said...

So sorry to hear see the hole in your favourite pair of socks...maybe you can knit another pair for yourself? I do like the red and blue pair...they look fantastic!

Teje said...

Hi Ros and Oscar! I'm just now hungry and can smell your delicious dinner!
You have wonderful knittings under the work! Wild flower pattern looks lovely and I love that colour!
Did Oscar really tried to knit your pullover!? Perhaps he thought that if the cat can sew, surely I can knit!
Have a great week! Hugs from Teje and Nero

Teje said...

Hi again...I just have to say that I was sitting here looooong time again trying to put Nero on the blog frog, and now it is finally there!!!
Sweet dreams Oscar! Nero and Teje

Jenny said...

It's such a loss when you wear out a pair of handknit socks. I recently managed to darn the heels a favourite pure wool pair which kept them going a bit longer but I see they are going in other places now. Still they've had a good life etc. I like the way the Gunnerside is coming along.

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

i think a all socks should be squishy and happy :o)
sorry about your old favourites, still the good thing about blogging is that you get to keep a record of them.

sending very warmest wishes, hugs and slobbery kisses (the last from Lily) xxx

Fiona said...

I am right with you there in the wish for more sunshine.

Willow said...

I noted last week how lovely the wildflower socks are and my enthusiasm has not waned but instead has increased! I'm so very sorry about the demise of your fave socks--a sad day indeed.

Here on the other side of the world, we are dreary, grey and windy which is a departure from yesterday when it was sunny and warm (I have the sunburn to prove it). Wishing you sunshine and blue skies this week!

Helsie said...

I am constantly amazed by the number of socks you knit but Iguess you wear them with boots in Winter? All these differences in our lives are so interesting aren't they?
The other thing that amazes me in the differences in the amount of light - by that I mean daylight. It is always bright here and the length of days does not change much - maybe an hour and a half longer in Summer. I can't imagine going to school in the dark and coming home in the dark but then daylight at 10:30pm ? every day? No wonder our lives are so different! ( and so much the same in many ways too )

cmv said...

oh i think that a lazy weekend and a sunday of catching up sounds just perfect! and man are all of your socks beautiful! i love those red and blue stripes and the wildflowers are gorgeous!

busybusybeejay said...

After reading your post tonight and loving the Spring Forward sock pattern,I downloaded it ,have cast it on and done the first repeat.I love the pattern.Thank you!!Love your other projects too.

kate said...

Lovely knitting. My mum would darn those socks :)

We are finally seeing some sunshine today after a very damp, grey week. So nice - hope some comes your way soon!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a shame about your beautiful socks! You must have really loved them and wore the dickens out of them.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Kathy said...

I love reflection pictures; it's just a nice way of turning things on their head. Sounds like quite a lovely and productive day and I hope it puts you in just the right frame of mind for the week.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

ooh you have been busy! Sorry to hear your faithfull socks are no more, could you unravel the wool from them and make something else?

Country Girl said...

Loving those stripey socks! Have a good week - not long til halfterm now.

Tracy said...

Oh, a yarn-filled weekend... now that's a good weekend! ;o) Oh, but your poor lovely, April socks... Looks like you've got more new socks to keep you company though. Had to laugh over your Oscar-hair-covered knitting! It's the same around here--EVERYTHING comes with cat hair. I don't suppose Etsy shoppers would take to kindly to me admitting that in my product descriptions, now would they? ;o) Happy Days, Ros ((HUGS))

sophie...^5 said...

Loving those are a good knitter! PS tks for the birthday wishes! Cheers!

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...


just calling by to see lovely you and sweet Oscar. lovely to see your projects again too.
i still haven't worked up the gumption to try sock making, knitting on the round sounds so complicated. but maybe i should just get some sock needles and yarn and give it a go.
your beautiful socks here just make me yearn.

warmest hugs xxx



melissa said...

all your projects are coming along so nicely. i am really loving the bold stripes of the blue/red socks.

so sorry to see the giant hole in your favorite socks. my husband just handed me the first pair of sock i ever knit the other day - they have huge holes in them! eek! he wanted to know if i could fix them..... eeeeek.