Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hello there! How lovely to be here on a weekday afternoon. I hope you are all enjoying a happy Wednesday. It's rather gloomy and wet here, but I'm not letting that spoil my lovely, relaxing day pottering around at home. We've just got back from enjoying a really lovely few days with our family. It's the perfect way to recharge the batteries and take stock of what is most important to you in life. School felt like a lifetime away!

We left home at around 10a.m on Saturday morning and by the time we hit Sheffield, there was a thin covering on the snow on the ground. Mr Snoops is the oracle on all things weather related and he had expected it. Me, well, I just take it as it comes and had no idea! By the time we reached the Snake Pass, it was pretty much a wipeout. It had stopped snowing and the views were really beautiful; snow-laden trees shrouded in low, frosty-white cloud. The pics are not the best, as they were taken from the car. So much for Spring being on the way!

Knitting went well en-route. A five hour car journey always equates to guilt-free knitting! I managed to finish the second 'Happy Sock' ........... and do plenty of scenary watching at the same time. I really like the simplicity of the blue and red stripes. The yarn has a high bamboo content and is very smooth and soft to work with. It is a rather floppy, so I'm not too sure how they will look after a few washes. We will have to wait and see.

We spent lots of time out of doors, walking Scott and Oscar and quite by accident,  met the Dragon of Longford Park. I have to say, not many people are so fortunate, as he leads a very reclusive life!

It was Mr Snoops birthday on Monday, so we also made sure we paid a visit to one or two our favourite 'eateries' and ale houses, to help us celebrate! The Marble Beer House in Chorlton is just the best place to enjoy real ale. The Manchester Marble Brewery makes cask ale from only organic and vegetarian ingredients. It certainly tastes good and is just a five minute walk away!

I also managed to complete the first of my 'Wildflower Socks'. I really like this pattern. It's simple enough to knit whilst chatting or travelling, but the little wildflower detail adds just enough interest to stave off boredom. It also suits variegated yarns well. Notice, I've cast on the second sock. I have to do this as soon as the first sock is finished, to help me gather the required momentum to get the second sock underway. Otherwise, I could very easily end up having to wear odd socks!

On Monday, after a fabulous pizza at Croma, I managed to drag the female members of our gathering into central Manchester on a yarn mission. Mr Snoops had his own mission to accomplish, as he always likes to pay a trip to 'The Cheese Hamlet' in Didsbury. The expectation prior to the yarn mission had filled me the greatest excitement, as only a visit to a previously unvisited yarn shop can do! Central Manchester is not my favourite shopping exerience and so it was only a two-stop mission. The first, to get the younger Miss Snoops some new running shoes. She has a place in the London Marathon this year and is training hard.  The second, well, to fondle some yarn at the recently opened 'Purl City Yarns'.  We walked a fair way into the Northern Quarter, only to find ........ the shop was closed on a Monday. Damn and blast it! Snoops was NOT a happy bunny! I know, I should have checked. Here is the shop in question....... looking VERY closed! Next time I'll check the opening hours first.

Before the long drive home on Tuesday, we shared lunch together at 'Battery Park' in Chorlton. The juices, smoothies, salads and paninis etc. are fabulous and it has a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. We love it!

So too does little Sophie, who just loves being out and about. She is nearly nine months now and so full of character and fun. She is a real delight. We love her to bits!

She's wearing a hat knitted by her mummy!

So, it's Wednesday already. Where on earth does the time go? I have bits and pieces planned for the next few days and then it's back to school! So far though, I've had a lovely half-term, doing just the simple kind of things that I enjoy most.


Kathy said...

Well hello there in the middle of the week! So nice to see you! I think we had much better weather for our half term last week ... cold but dry! That little hat is so sweet on Sophie! Enjoy the rest of your week!

josiekitten said...

Oh no! Disaster about the yarn shop being closed!!!! You'll have to plan more carefully next time! Enjoy the rest of your week and catch up soon! xxx

Clicky Needles said...

Blimey I can't believe that Sophie is 9 months. Where did that time go?

kate said...

Oh a half-term break does sound so civilized.

We've had snow this past week as well, spring is still a little ways off.

Enjoy your knitting time!

Jenny said...

I'd have been so sulky if I'd found the yarn shop closed, but not for long if I was spending time with Sophie. She is beautiful and that little hat is adorable.

Posy Linda said...

Hi Ros: You are the sweetest to stop by Posy Linda. Thanks very much. Hugs from Linda and kisses to Oscar from Posy!

Sarah said...

Glad you had a good time. I enjoyed all the photos! Especially the dragon and Sophie in her hat-very sweet! Enjoy the rest of the week!

Tracy said...

Hi, Ros! Sophie is such a BEAUTY--soo sweet! Oh, no though, nothing more sad than a closed wool shop! :o( Glad you had a good outing all the same. Looking very wintry still...bbbrrr... Keep warm! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Maggie and Mitch said...

Sophie looks so adorable in her hand knit hat!

Helsie said...

It all sounds very nice - family time is always lovely. Glag you are having a good break.

Jacqueline said...

Your snow scene pictures are lovely. I didn't realise that the snow had settled once more.

Country Girl said...

Glad we didn't have snow here!
Sophie is such a sweetheart in her little stripey hat.

melissa said...

oh my, that sophie is just adorable!

looks like you had a lovely trip. enjoyed all the pictures, especially the ones of your latest snow. gorgeous!

Northern Monkey said...

Sophie looks lovely in that little hat!

The snow came as rather a shock to me on Saturday morning as I was sure the weather forecast had only said sleet but there was a good white covering everywhere around our way!

Enjoy your weekend.