Sunday, 27 February 2011


Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. It's always such a pleasure to spend a little bit of time with you. I felt sure that you would appreciate a little sneaky view of my button tin, well, one of them! Just look at those fabulous colours! I had quite forgotten how much pleasure a little glance inside this tin gives me. I was on the lookout for some suitable buttons for a little cardigan that I have just begun knitting for Sophie. Do you know, I nearly decided that I had none suitable and would have to make a small button purchase. Luckily, i did manage to find some that will do the job. They're not my perfect choice, but if by using them I refrain from buying more, all will be well. Once I start looking at brightly coloured buttons, there is no stopping me. It's a bit like feasting my eyes on fabulously hand-dyed sock yarn. It just's cries out to come home with me. For now they will do and I will resist the urge to find perfection. What do you think?

Hmmmm, I'm not so sure. Decisions, decisions!

You may well be wondering how this strange-shaped piece of garter stitch knitted fabric can possible become a baby cardi. Well, it does! The piece you can see is one sleeve. I've then cast on for the back section and am increasing at the other end of the needl to form the front. The pattern is a free  Drops design and is knitted in two pieces, with a mitred front and joined up the centre back. I've already made a smaller version for Sophie, as you can see in the photo below. This one will be just right for the slightly warmer weather, as a little jacket.

No, I don't think I'm happy with the buttons. I would like three different colours again, smooth, completely plain, non-shiny and round! That's not too much to ask, is it? Buttons aside, these sock yarns are perfect for this kind of garment and non-expensive too. The pattern asks for two 100g balls for this size, but I expect there may well be plenty of the second ball left. I'll make a little hat too and I guess there will  still be some spare for a few 'Sock Yarn Blankie' squares for Josiekitten and myself! I'd say that's pretty good use of two balls of sock yarn............................................. FROM STASH!!!

That's all the knitting I've managed since we came home on Tuesday evening. I've been pretty busy with 'house and life' stuff; the knid of things that get left until school holidays and then I have a mighty list to tackle. We did have a day at the coast on Friday. We drove up to Aldeburgh, stopping off at Snape and Orford. It was rather overcast later in the day, but dry and reasonably warm. I just love to be near the sea. Oscar had a great time too!

It's back to school tomorrow. As it's 'World Book Day' on Thursday, we are holding a 'book week' at school. There will be story sessions, library sessions, a 'dressing up as your favourite book character' day, a design a bookmark competition and tomorrow the teachers each have to choose a picture book to share with groups of children from different classes. The children will then have a go at producing a piece artwork for new hall displays. I've mused over what to choose all week. I just couldn't make a decision.

As it was such a beautiful  morning, Mr Snoops and I wandered down into the city centre with Oscar, for an al fresco cup of coffee.

 I had a quick book shop browse and there it was! The perfect book!

I just love Anthony Browne's  books and they are perfect for my intended audience, 7 to 9 year olds (Years 3 and 4). He is the present Children's Laureate. I do own several, but did not have this one. It's about  a little boy who worries. His Gran gives him some Guatemalan 'worry people' to help him. All is fine, until he begins to worry about the 'worry people' worrying about his worries. So, he makes them some 'worry people' of their own. I even managed to buy a little set of those very same 'worry people', made in Guatemala. How pleased was I!

Guess what we are going to be doing tomorrow?

 Have a fun week!


Anonymous said...

Adorable baby sweater! I have been looking for a pattern like that to start for a friend's baby. Thank you so much for the link. :)

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

What a fab photo of your button box. I think the pink buttons are lovely with the cardigan, but may I suggest purple buttons?! But then purple is my favourite colour. ;) Also, top knitting points for using not only stash yarn, but stash buttons too!

josiekitten said...

I think that those pink buttons are lovely! It's going to be such a pretty jacket! Glad you found a book to use! Have a good week! xx

Kathy said...

That cardy is so sweet, and I'm very jealous of your button box. Mine's not nearly so bright!
That sounds like a very busy week ahead, but good fun. We're having a very low key Book Day this year, because we spent last week fund raising with the Marie Curie Mini Pots of Care project. We had a dress up day for that and lots of activities. Coming soon ... Fairtrade week so we can gain our international status ... it's all very hectic! Do you ever have a normal week? We don't!

Lyn said...

What a lovely colourful post! I have some worry people in my bed side table and I think you can get lots of ideas for World Book Day using a great children's book as a starting point!

Teje said...

Hi Ros! I love that Sophie's new jacket and I would like to have the same - and with those exact buttons! for me the colour of the yarn and those buttons are perfect!
You'll have a great, exiting week ahead! I love books - I'll go to see that link!
Have a lovely week and give kisses to Oscar! Teje and Nero

Sarah said...

Cute sweater! You must be able to find three differently coloured buttons of the right type in that button tin of yours! I like the floweer ones though-they go well and are a sweet detail on a girl's cardi. I have not seen that book-is it a new one? It looks good! Have fun in book week. Not sure what we are doing, the only thing I know is going on this week is 'yellow day' on Friday raising money for Marie Curie-completely unrelated to boks or red nose day which I think is this week too. Oh dear! Have a good week!

Jenny said...

I'm most impressed by your colourful button collection. A friend called round last week looking for some little buttons and I got my jar out. She said how much she'd enjoyed rootling through my collection, she'd be in absolute heaven if she saw yours, I'll send her to you next time. And I do think the little pink buttons are perfect.

Helsie said...

Hi Ros,
For me the buttons you have - the little pink flower ones - are absolutely perfect for Sophie's jacket.... and very Spring / Summery too.
All this talk about Book Week.... we do the same things here. I remember going to school one year dressed as Billy the Punk. Do you know that book? It was years ago now but the children LOVED to see me with my hair jelled up, black t shirt and pants, Tony's workboots, chains everywhere and big safety pins for ear rings, !! Oh the memories!

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Wow, you have a lot of buttons! I always loved to search my mums button box for pretty buttons. Sophies cardigan will be very pretty!
Have a nice week!
Yours, Julia

Country Girl said...

I'm in a panic now - at the school where I work, we usually dress up for Book Day. No-one has told me we are doing it this year so i'm wondering if they forgot to tell me!

Maggie and Mitch said...

The cardi is coming along beautifully1 We love the picture of all of the pretty colorful buttons!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Tracy said...

Oh, Ros... that wool for the baby card is GORGEOUS--just love that color way! And I do like the buttons--the flower-shape is fun. Keep us posted... ;o) Book Day... love that! Very fun photos... Happy Week ((HUGS))

melissa said...

love that baby sweater! i need to go add the pattern to my queue. thanks for the inspiration!

and oooh that book! it too sounds wonderful!