Sunday, 6 February 2011


Good afternoon! I hope you have had a relaxing weekend. I have made the most of my decision to NOT bring any schoolwork home and what a good decision it was too. Yesterday, saw Mr Snoops, Oscar and I heading for our favourite place for a coastal walk, Aldeburgh. It was rather windy, but not at all cold, so we were able to enjoy a lovely stroll along the tow path, soaking up the sights and sounds. There was a definite ubbeat feel in the air, that Spring may not be too far away. Oscar is well on the road to recovery again, after his little set back at Christmas, and he just loves the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves. We called in at Snape Maltings for tea and carrot cake on the way home. Delicious!

Today began with a gentle stroll into the city centre for a cup of a coffee and to purchase Mr Snoops a little i-pod nano for his upcoming birthday. He has used one of the very first i-pods up until now. It's one that began life with me and has then been passed around the family. As each of us bought an up to date version, we passed it on. Mr Snoops has been its faithful guardian for several years now, treating it to a twice weekly outing to the gym, where it could play away to its little heart's content, as he pounded the miles on the treadmill. However, yesterday he dropped it ......... poor i-pod, dead as dead could be!!! So, dear old Snoops now has a rather swish looking little, tiny, silver nano to play his tunes. He has to wait mind, until February 21st! 

My poor tired brain has needed some knitting therapy this weeek, but in the form of the simplest possible stitching. No colourwork or intricate pattern details for me this week, oh no. Just the plainest of plain sock knitting. Bliss! Look, I've finished one.............. and started its twin! How quick was that? I have a sneaky

suspicion that a new addiction may be beginning......... self-patterning simple socks! Last evening found me rummaging around in my stash, rooting out from the deep, dark recesses of the hidden away yarn mountain,  some long forgotten 'simple socks' yarn. Oh my! Yes, I know my first love is beautiful hand-dyed yarn, but that's way too special to be used for just 'simple socks'! Look, what do you think?

I've just popped these two colourful little lovelies on the little yarny, booky, knitty, pile that sits beside the sofa. They have just got to be the next two pairs of socks that I can knit without brain or pattern :-). Can't wait! 

I found this pair of long-forgotten lovelies too!  They were bought to make Sophie another little 'Rainbow Jacket'. The pattern is knit all in one, so requires minimal sewing up, which is just  what I like. Think this could become one quite soon, as I'm itching to cast this yarn on! Hmmm Spring fever or yarn madness? 

A tiny little bit more has been done on my 'Wildflower Socks'.......... before brain fatigue took over .....

................ and a few more rows on 'Gunnerside Ladies'. But by Tuesday, it was on to 'simple socks'!

I don't think it's going to be ready to wear on our trip to see baby Sophie at half-term. Maybe the target finishing date will have to shift to the Easter holidays, when we're off up to Pickering. It all depends on how badly the 'simple socks' addiction takes hold and how long it lasts for. There is no known cure, it just has to take its own course.

There is definitely the tiniest hint of Spring in the air. Shoots are appearing in the garden and it's not totally dark when I go to and from school each day. These little 'tete-a-tete' narcissi have opened up in the last couple of days too.

It's only two weeks until half-term and we teachers are sure looking forward to it, well this one is anyway! Have a good week everybody.


Kathy said...

That looks like a great walk ... we haven't been able to get out and walk this weekend because it has been really stormy now since Friday. Inca's been a bit nervous so she's has been having the shortest of her walks each day.
Lovely colours again .... but

...who wears all these socks?
Have a good week.

Northern Monkey said...

I wish we lived closer to the coast, we have about an hour and a half of driving if we want to go and it's a bit much most weekends.

Simple self patterning socks are always good, I think I need to make more if for no reason other than to use up my self-striping sock yarn stash and make more room for pretty hand dyed yarn.

Have a great week, not long to half term!


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Such a beautiful place to take a stroll... I bet Oscar loves it.
All the socks are so tantalizing in their bright Spring hues.
Have a great week!
Susan x

Lyn said...

I can't wait for half term either!
Lovely Kathy said....who wears them all?

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

I can really understand the simple socks, I've been feeling a pair coming on myself, but I haven't got around to it.

I love all your lovely socky stash! I made a pair with the yellow, orange and red Trekking yarn you have. The good thing about having wee feet, is that I can get two pairs of socks from one ball!

Happy sock knitting. :)

josiekitten said...

I love self-patterning sock yarn too. It's such fun watching the pattern grow, and seeing what colour's coming next. Extremely addictive too, to keep on knitting 'just another row'! I'm looking forward to half term too! Have a good week. xx

kate said...

Half-term is such a civilized break. We don't get those in our schools here, at least not in my area.

Lovely seaside pics - that seagull cracks me up.

And I too am a fan of self patterning socks. Sometimes I throw a little seed stitch rib into it, as I like a little stretch to the leg portion, but nothing that will disrupt the patterning too much.

melissa said...

gorgeous shots from your coastal walk!

and horay for the daffodils!!

Teje said...

Hi Ros! I'm happy to hear you had wonderful walk with Oscar!
You have so wonderful yarns waiting for a new creation! Love your socks and grey jumper!
Sunny wishes and hugs from Teje and Nero

Anna said...

You're so lucky to be able to take gorgeous walks around the countryside. I wish I could get out of London more. Well done on the socks as well and what other gorgeous yarn you have for additional socks, I love it!

Sarah said...

I have not been to Aldeburgh but mean to! It is lovely to get some fresh air. I love the self patterning socks too-very clever!
I am also looking forward to half term. I did bring work home and did a bit but after last week's efforts was just too tired. I am going to slog away at lunchtimes this week in the hope of getting it all done. I am really looking forward to half term too!

Willow said...

Sometimes you just need brain dead knitting. It's not an addiction; it's therapy :)

Pearly Queen said...

That read and blue sock yarn is just like one I got from a Turkish firm - Ice Yarns. Knits up really well and looks fab!

Helsie said...

I love all your socks though I'm still amazed at how many you knit. You must have the biggest sock drawer ever - and NEVER have cold feet!
Glad to hear Oscar is on the mend.

Tracy said...

Those daffodils and all these lovely sock yarns make the heart sing, Ros...*sigh*... And I loved these sneak peeks from your coastal walk! Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I think you should made baby Sophie some simple socks, spread the sock love :-) They would look so cute I am sure.

bellaboo said...

Your tow path walk sounded lovely.It's been so dull,wet and windy here and Bella gets so muddy every time we go out.Today the sun is out...yay!
Glad Oscar is recovering well.
That tea place sounds good.When we take Bella to the sea,there is a cafe on the beach and you can take your dog in with you! :0)