Sunday, 4 September 2011


What a wet and rainy afternoon it's turned out to be for the very last afternoon of the school summer holidays. Back to school tomorrow! Sob, sob, sob! I've had a brilliant holiday and really don't want it to end. But end it must, so that I can earn the pennies to buy the scrummies! Amidst days out, days in the garden, our children coming to stay, time away, visits to the elder Miss Snoops for wedding talk, dress finding and buying, a visit to the beautiful lakeside wedding venue they have chosen and catching up with friends...... amidst it all, has been the luxurious, pleasure of hour upon hour to knit! I've even dabbled a little with my new spinning wheel. But September was always going to come around and come around it has, way too soon.

It certainly does feel like Autumn too, as the evenings are closing in and the shadows grow ever longer. The evening sunset and shadows shot above, was taken on Tuesday evening at about 8pm, as we walked Oscar around the lake close to our home. Our beach times seem ages ago now.

I've made the most of my knitting time this week, to get started on the 'Autumn Longshadows' pattern, that is the first project in Anne Hanson's 'Fall in Full Color Club' . I showed you the yarn a couple of weeks ago. It is the scrummiest mix of merino, cashmere and bomyx silk. It feels so incredibly soft as you knit, that you can barely feel it. Gorgeous!

The pattern is very easy to follow and completely addictive! Hence, I have only one more repeat out of eleven to complete on the first half. The scarf is made in two symmetrical halves and then grafted. I am loving knitting with Addi Turbos. They have become my needle of choice for most projects. They are so smooth to use.

Have you noticed the cute little stitch marker? I bought a set of ten at 'Knit Nation'. They are perfect for needles up to size 4mm and can be purchased here.

I'm loving the beautifully subtle shades of this yarn and how they play and dance with the pattern. It's so pretty! Take a look....

I hope to have finished and blocked by the time I blog next time, as the next pattern and yarn are due to be released on September 15th. I think that may be a little ambitious, as knitting time this week will be sparse!!!

We've made the most of the last few summer days and have been out and about.

The picture right above ^ is of Walberswick, in Suffolk. It's a favourite haunt of ours and brings back many happy memories of fun times when our children were small. On a warm sunny day, we would pack up a picnic and find the 'big' bucket and the ball of string. The children would pop across to the local butcher for some free bacon scraps and then we'd jump in the car and be off ....... after settling the dispute between the three of them as to who would be sitting in the middle! They would happily while away the day sitting on the little bridge that you can see in the distance, holding on tightly to their piece of string, that had been carefully knotted around a small chunk of bacon. The outcome of all this......... a bucketload of crabs!!!!! Of course, they would all released, unharmed back into their watery home, amidst squeals of excitement and amazement as the full to the brim bucket was carefully tipped over onto its side on the muddy bank and the little creatures made their sideways escape, scurring quickly back to safety. Such a happy childhood activity!

In fact, the younger Miss Snoops was with us, and at the now grown up age of twenty-six, she was still keen to jump out of the car to snap some shots of one of her favourite childhood memory spots. Priceless!

We've come to the conclusion that Oscar will be keen to see the back of us all next week, so that he can have some peace and quiet and sleep. Although Mr Snoops doesn't get teachery holidays, he still tries to take as much time off as possible during the summer when I am at home. Of course, the younger Miss Snoops has been around too, as she continues her studies. All in all, he's one tired puppy dog!

Poor little boy! Just in case you're wondering, he's sleeping on his favourite 'carry around' toy.... 'reindeer'! Yes, I know, just don't ask.

See you next week. Have a good one!


Kathy said...

All good things must come to an end, I suppose - and we do have to earn the pennies to pay for our lovely lives - but, oh my goodness, it's hard going back!

I think Inca is as tired as Oscar ... she's been walked so much over the summer, her paws must be worn away, plus she has been training for the doggy olympics swimming events. She has just slept and snored since we came back from our holiday!

Have a great week ... hope your new class is lovely!!!

josiekitten said...

I can't believe the holiday is over either! But it's only 7 weeks until half term!!!! Your Longshadows is looking great. I must get cracking on the 2nd half!Have a good week!

Teje said...

Hi Ros!
I love Your knitting with that beautiful blue colour yarn and lovely pattern! What a wonderful photo mosaic, too! Sophie looks so sweet with her turquoise crocks!
Oscar's toy is surely his favourite! Our Foxy had many years similar Giraffe, till Nero came and that was the end of that toy!
I wish you great week and smooth landing to your school days!
xxx Teje & Nero

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

What lovely photos, Oscar is looking very cute!

Your scarf is beautiful, the pattern is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

kate said...

I'll have to ask my mum for confirmation, but I think I've been to Walberswick....

That scarf is gorgeous.

My son goes back to school on Tuesday (Labour Day on Monday here). I'm going to spend the week deep cleaning the house after all the summer adventures. We still have hot sunny daytime weather this week, although it's very cool at night.

Hope you have a lovely class this year, and still get knitting time!

Lyn said...

Lots of lovely things in this post, Love Oscar, he's always a delight to see and your knitting...goes without saying!
My brother use to spend hours catching crabs on holiday too!

Sarah said...

Great post Ros! I love the new knitting, the shot of Sophie on the beach is so sweet, the outing tales are lovely, and you have summed up my feelings on returning to school. I was wondering if there are any teachers who actually want to go back!
Have a great week! x

busybusybeejay said...

I love your scarf.Good luck with the new term and class.As an ex teacher I must say it is great to be retired.I just love it-so much me time but I do miss the children(but I do have 5 grandchildren).

Kat Jorgensen said...

That sunset is an amazing picure. Makes me want to just stare at it and sigh. Love all of your pictures. Oscar looks so content with his reindeer : )

Your Longshadows looks great! Knit like the wind. We've got 2 weeks before the next pattern is out!!!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your scarf is just gorgeous! Love the color!
You are such a handsome boy, Oscar!

bellaboo said...

How cute is Sophie!
Sounds like you've had an eventful,funpacked Summer. :0)

Jo said...

I've said exactly the same thing about Archie, he's worn his paws out this holiday. Your first photo is gorgeous, but I want to hang on to summer for a while longer yet, I'm not ready to let go. Sophie is growing up so fast, they don't stay babies long enough. Thank you for the link, I really need some stitch markers, the ones I have snag my yarn which just won't do. Hope your first day back went well. Eleanor is back to school tomorrow and Daniel has his first day in the sixth form on Thursday, where does time go?

Tracy said...

Oh, Ros... all these photos are just GORGEOUS!! Loved seeing all your out & about, your last tastes of summer. Miss Sophie is a little rose, isn't she--soo sweet! An so is Oscar... the does look like he's had too much holiday fun. ;o) haha... LOVE your current knitting. The leafy-lacy pattern is wonderful, and so is that color of wool--yummy color way! Speaking of color, many thanks for your sweet comments on my art/chakra posts. This workshop has been a wonderful personal exploration, but also a great way to experience colors on a new & different level--very fun! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

melissa said...

lovely photos! what a perfect way to spend your last few days before returning to school!

we're gearing up over here for the start of school as well. lily has her pre-conference tomorrow and then school starts on thursday!

hope your first day went well!!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Your photos always tug at my heartstrings...
Very much an Autumn day here too even though there are still 2+ weeks on the calendar.
Have a great week.
Susan x

Country Girl said...

You've reminded me that I haven't been to Walberswick for ages. Have a good term!

Sarah said...

Hi Ros,
Congratulations-you are the winner of the My Memories giveaway! I have not got the details of how to claim yet-will try to sort it out tomorrow and let you know how to do it!
How was Monday and Tuesday? I am exhausted already and it has only been two days!

cmvs said...

So how was your first day? I hope you have a wonderful group of kids and are feeling ready for a successful year!
Your post is absolutely gorgeous, the light in these pictures is absolutely sublime, what a wonderful way to end the summer!
Your scarf is absolutely gorgeous- what a wonderful pattern/yarn pairing and beautiful work!

*❀*ℳḯʟʟḯ℮ ℳεα∂☺ωSẘℯℯ☂*❀* said...

hello hello

i am sooooo enjoying your fabulous posts. the gorgeous knitting, the handsome and oh, so charming charming Oscar. aww.. and your little cherub Sophie (she looks so sweet!). i am loving every bit of it and wanted to tell you so :o)

warmest hugs xxx

Sarah said...

Hi Again Ros,
I have tried to find an email for you but I can't! Could you please email me and I will email you back with the winning code and the first email Liz sent with instructions as to how to download it. Thanks!
My email is