Sunday, 9 October 2011


'Autumn days when the grass is jewelled.....' ! So goes the the song that is sung in just about every English primary school at this time of year. We HAVEN'T sung it yet, but the words always buzz around in my head as the days start to draw in and there's that unmistakeable nip in the air. Oscar spent the morning collecting sticks from the undergrowth. This was one of his long lost 'trophy' sticks, rediscovered under a blackcurrant bush right at the bottom of the garden. He just loves stripping the bark!  Needless to say, the bark had been stripped with relish at some long gone point in time, but to merely rediscover this favourite was good enough to give it another lengthy chew and carry. He's so adorable!

The garden is suddenly beginning to accept the rolling in of Autumn. The recent hot days have kept things going longer than usual, but slowly and surely she is making her mark.

There are some delicate spots of colour still lingering and autumn leaves and berries beginning to add their own tones from the colour palette too.

I look forward to the start of each and every season, as they bring their own fresh perspective on our world.

There is always a shift in my knitting habits too. Out come the scarf, hat and woolly sock patterns. Not that I need to much excuse to knit a pair of socks.

This week, I've managed to complete 'Miss Doolittle'. She has been grafted, blocked and photographed.

It's a lovely, easy knit that grows very quickly. I'm so pleased I made the decision to go with this pattern rather than theshalette, Hazeline, that I should have been knittting with my September yarn.

I've also started another 'Henley with a Twist'. I love wearing the first one and enjoyed the pattern so much, that I knew another would soon be sitting on the needles.

It's the same yarn as before, The Woolen Rabbit's Essence in colourway 'Forever in Blue Jeans' . As I am 'forever in blue jeans' the colour seemed very appropriate. I'm already addicted to it once again!

We've enjoyed a return of slightly warmer weather again this weekend. Yesterday we decided to take a stroll down into the city for a coffee.

We mooched around the Farmer's Market stalls and made one tiny purchase..... some delicious marshmallows, flavoured with blackcurrants and violets. SCRUMDELICIOUS!

Needless to say, they are all long gone, otherwise I might have offered you one! Good evening, see you soon!


Sarah said...

I don't know that song! It sounds like a good one though. I am glad Oscar found his stick. He looks pleased to have done so. As always I love the knitting!

josiekitten said...

I just love your Miss Doolittle scarf and think I shall be josiekitten copycat and use my yarn to knit the same pattern! I am coveting your sweater yarn!! It looks lovely!

Lyn said...

lovely Oscar, what a cutie.
I love the scarf, a great autumn colour.

Kathy said...

I nearly chose Autumn Days for our family assembly on Friday, but decided against it in the end in favour of some new songs. I've had the words of "Pears and Apples' stuck in my head for days! Inca doesn't collect sticks like Oscar. She prefers cuddly toys and shoes! She doesn't chew them now, but carries them around carefully! Have a great week .... nearly half term!!!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Miss Doolittle is gorgeous, and the colours are very autumnal. I'm not a shawl person myself, so I agree that this is a lot more wearable. Good luck with the jumper, it looks great. The marshmallows look delicious, and I'm glad Oscar found his stick! ;)

Teje said...

Hi Ros and Oscar! Wow those marshmellows look just too delicious! It's impossible to find here.
I'm so happy to see Oscar - he is so adorable! I'm sure he enjoys his works in the garden!
Your knitting is beautiful and I would like to make the same like the blue one you have made.
Have a great week!
xxx Teje & Nero

Clicky Needles said... I musn't forget, no I musn't forget..............
We've sung it already, that tune is much too catchy.

Marshmallows mmmmmmm

Maggie and Mitch said...

You are such a handsome boy, Oscar!
Those marshmallows sound absolutely delicious!

Kat Jorgensen said...

Love your Miss Doolittle scarf. Great knit. I made 2 of them and each one was fun. The Hazel Leaf yarn works really well with it. And that Oscar, what can I say about that darling baby? He's adorable.

Tracy said...

Oh, but Miss Doolittle is coming along so nicely--that pattern is so lovely. Hope the jumper goes well. That yarn for it is very *swooth-worthy*!! I bought some sock yarn at the weekend… Yes, socks! Been wanting to really to have a go, after having tried once but got very frustrated. I saw a tutorial on using two circular needles to work socks, which might be easier… We’ll see! haha...Marshmallows...mmm... I can't remember the last time I ate one of those. Must remedy! ;o) Oh, how sweet is Oscar. I love to see him at play. So sweet... Happy Days, Ros ((HUGS))

Anna said...

Miss Doolittle is gorgeous. I love your autumn pictures, so pretty! Hope you have a good week.


so many beautiful colours and textures in this post.
your scarf is exquisite! i don't think i have ever seen a lovelier one..
nor have i ever seen a handsomer doggie.. your collage of Oscar portraits is wonderful!:)


p.s i really like the bell sound on your blog.
it's very sweet and peaceful, like a windchime.


many thanks to you Ros for your lovely words and visit :)x

melissa said...

miss doolittle turned out fabulous! what a perfect combination of yarn + pattern.

and mr. oscar is ever so charming in the autumn jewelled grass...