Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fall in Full Colour....

At last it's starting to feel a little bit more like Autumn here in the UK, at least in the evenings. This weekend has once more produced some lovely, sunny 'garden knitting ' weather. I took the above photo at school this week. The children had tray loads of leaves and wax crayons to make some leaf rubbing pictures. We washed them over with Brusho when we had finished. They looked great!

Who would have thought that I would have been sitting in the garden knitting this afternoon, in mid-October, never mind capturing this little fellow! A ladybird in October!

Knitting has been quite productive this week, but there is nothing quite finished. The Aria Delicato scarf is coming along nicely, and should be finished by the end of the week. The Posh yarn merino and silk mix is fabulous.

I've cast on a pair of simple ribbed socks this afternoon. I'm using up some stashed Trekking to make these Christmas pressie socks for a friend.

I quite like the clever patterning on these yarns, but sadly, I've been completely overcome with everlasting love for the hand-dyed and original colourways yarns, especially those from across the pond.... swoon, swoon! The pattern knits up very quickly, as you can see.

I've received the October yarn from Anne Hanson's 'Fall in Full Color Club' club this week. It's Briar Rose Fibers 'Fourth of July' in gorgeous autumnal colours. It's a worsted weight and very pretty.

The pattern is released tomorrow. I can't wait! We're off to Yorkshire next Friday for half-term, but I expect I'll still popping in for a visit. Have a good week.


josiekitten said...

Those self-patterning yarns are perfect to knit up as present socks! Especially as they wash so well. Your club yarn is more subtle than mine, I like the blueish hints you have! Have a good last week and roll on half term! xx

melissa said...

hooray for fall!

i'll echo the josiekitten about the perfect-ness of your self-patterning sock yarn - what fun!!

have a good week before your break!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

What a lovely photo of the ladybird. I don't think I've seen a real live one all year.

Is it just me, or do self-patterning socks seem to knit more quickly?! I think it's the "just one more round" to see what the colour will be like!

Kathy said...

Yes, Autumn has arrived here on the Wirral too, and it's so dark so early!!! One week to go, yippee! Have a great time in Yorkshire!

Teje said...

Hi Ros! I see that the weather has mixed again - I'm happy that you are knitting outside, but here Nero & girls are hopeless because can't go out with nonstopping rain!
I would love to knit with your lovely yarns! What amazing colours and a pattern without fuzzling with many different yarns! I'm looking forward how the last yarn looks when knitted!
Have a great week and lovely holidays!
xxx Teje

busybusybeejay said...

This weekend has been a real bonus.Knitting in the garden in October.Amazing.I felt it was so hot I actually put sun cream on!Now for the shock of this week.Enjoy lots of knitting over half term.


a beautiful post Ros
you are such a prolific craftwoman! i so enjoy coming here to see your lovely projects :)
you have some gorgeous yarn there, i love the autumnal colours.
we've had litteraly dozens of ladybirds fly into the house to hibernate. i've had a real job on my hands collecting them and putting them back outside before my cats pounce on them.

thanks for your visit and the yuki love :)

have a fab week xxx

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your socks are so beautiful! Mom wishes she could find that perfect pattern and maybe she'd enjoy making them more!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

kate said...

Gorgeous knitty pictures, but I'm distracted by the fact that you have half-term already!

Wyatt said...

Your yarn reflects the colors of lovely :)

We had a hummingbird today in the garden...I thought they flew down to Mexico..?

Wyatt and mom

Sarah said...

I like that multicoloured sock wool-so clever how it knits up into a pattern!

Tracy said...

Just drooling over all the delicious yarns you're using in your current projects, Ros... You have a great way of picking yarn to project. So sweet to see the ladybird--and so late in the season. That was on thing we saw little of during the summer, was ladybirds...odd, that. Happy Autumn Days :o) ((HUGS))

Helsie said...

That Trekking yarn is amazing. I can't believe the way it comes out when you knit it up.
Glad you are having some nice weather. Hope it lasts for your trip up north. It is funny how different our lives are weather wize. We almost always have sunny weather so when it rains its a big deal and we often don't go out because it's raining! ( we might get wet !!!)even though it is usually warm. Mostly our wet weather comes via storms. All over and sunny again in an hour. That is unless we have a big wet season and floods- and even then it is hot at the same time.
It all sounds cosy over there, it would be very interesting to experience it one day.

Jenny said...

Delicious yarn as ever. I imagine you'll be knitting away in Yorkshire and making me very embarrassed that I've done nothing much over the past 10 weeks. Have a cosy break.

Hound Girl said...

Hi guys we are new followers! We look forward to getting to know you so stop on by so we can be friends :)

Wow those fall leaves are so pretty - we dont have anything like that just yet over here in Texas :)