Sunday, 6 November 2011


Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh! Who or what is that! It has been one of 'THOSE' weeks. I won't go into detail, I don't have the time. The photo above looks a bit how I felt, except for the smiley mouth. It needs turning upside down!  But suffice it to say that no knitting got done all week and by yesterday I was feeling rather severe withdrawal symptoms. As my addiction is so severe, I usually manage at least a row or two each day. This week, there was no chance. Instead, my time was filled with I.E.P.s, assessment data, action plans etc. etc. I still have a lengthy 'to do' list. In fact I feel rather overwhelmed by it all and that comes from someone who is organised and well-planned. So, yesterday I had to take action......... I CAST ON! Oh my goodness, the relief was enormous. Gone were the cravings and the twitchy fingers, evaporated were the angry, miserable 'I want to be knitting' thoughts and an air of peaceful happiness came over me. It was pure bliss! What did I cast on?

I started a little 'Wee Willie Winkie' hat for Sophie's Christmas stocking. The Debbie Bliss 'baby cashmerino' yarn is from stash (OH YES!) and I have enough of the pink to make a little jumper ot cardi to go with it. I'm using DPNs and carrying the spare colour up as I go. It gives a lovely smooth, unnoticeable colour changeover. Hopefully it will be finished quickly.
Well, I know this post is very short and sweet, but it's better than no post at all. I still have 'stuff' to do this evening as well as a lasagne to cook AND SOME KNITTING TO DO!

I'll leave you with a couple of shots from the week gone by.

Looks like something nasty to me. HOWEVER...... there is a clue! Know what it is? My class had NO idea. Time for a hands on investigation. I won't show you the gory details though.

It was Oscar's second birthday on Tuesday and this was his favourite pressie. He has carted it around in his mouth ALL week long and slept with it in his den most nights. So sweet!

Another spoonful of Autumn and possibly the last, as the leaves are all falling now with great speed. This was the view across the school playground as I arrived at school at about 8.05 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Just glorious!

OH, BY THE WAY, I RECEIVED AN E-MAIL AT THE END OF LAST  WEEK..... THE PHOTO AT THE TOP! IT MADE ME SMILE. IT WAS LITTLE SOPHIE'S HALLOWEEN BISCUIT, MADE AT NURSERY. I've carried it in my school diary all week. Every time it catches my, it's made me smile. I know what's really important to me and helps keep things in perspective.
Have a good week.


Kathy said...

Sorry to hear you've had a bad week ... this job just sucks you till you're dry!!!! The things that get us down never seem to be about the children really, do they! It's always damn paper work. I'd love to have a whole week just in the classroom with the children, actually teaching, with no interruptions! Moan, moan!
Happy Birthday Oscar ... what a handsome boy!
Right this minute Inca is sprawled across my husband because she wants him to know it's time for her walkies!
Hope this week is better than the last!

Teje said...

Hi Ros! Happy Birthday to Oscar and lots of kisses! His new toy looks the best and I'm sure Nero would love it, too!
Wow - Sophie has a talent with the laughing buiscuits! How great you had it to have a smile during your hard week!
I hope the next week will be better!
Kisses! Teje & Nero

Jo said...

Happy birthday to Oscar. Archie got a similar toy, but it was a giraffe, for his birthday, it only lasted a couple of hours before it's arm fell off so Oscar's doing well. Sophie is going to look so cute in her hat, and a matching cardie will look very smart. Sorry to hear you've had a bad week, hope the week to come is much better.

Sarah said...

You have my greatest sympathies over the work bit-it must be that time of year-I have been groaning over IEPs and assessment too and wondering how on earth I contimue to do this job year after year. So this week I decided I was not going to take photos or do post-its, but actually be with the children and enjoy it! I was thinking about it and really it is very weird behaviour-if I suddenly stopped talking to my friend to write down what they had just said or to take their picture I might not have any!
Glad you finally got some knitting time and that Oscar enjoyed his birthday. And don't worry-the mad Christmas rush at school will start soon and make now seem ok!

Lyn said...

Work should not take over your life and you made the most of Sophies biscuit to keep you going. Happy Birthday to Oscar!

Lynne said...

Sorry to read about your rubbish week, but I can see how the biscuit photo cheered you up! It certainly made me smile, that biccy rocks!!

You were just right to cast-on something new and lovely, and bonus knitting points for using stashed yarn!

Oscar looks like he had a great birthday. :)

bellaboo said...

Happy Birthday Oscar! Hope you have a better week Ros.Sophie is going to look so cute in that hat.
Happy knitting! :0)

Denise said...

Looks like the inside of a pumpkin to me! Hope next week is a better one for you.

Helsie said...

When I read about the stresses of teaching I'm sooo glad I'm retired. It seems to be the same everywhere. The teachers here don't have time to teach anymore, their life is full of planning and assessing but no time to do the job they love! Glad I'm out of it.
Is that some sort of pumpkin? I spied a few seeds that look like pumpkin seeds.
Love Sophie's hat. She will look so cute in it.

Kat Jorgensen said...

Ros, I'm so sorry the week was a bad one. But your post was wonderful. You could have just posted Oscar's picture with his toy and I would have been smiling. I saw a puppy at Pet Smart carry his new toy around in his mouth and the cashier had to use the mobile scanner to get the price. Like Oscar, he wasn't going to give up with stuffed animal. Just adorable. Hugs for a better week this week. Knitting is soothing for so many things. Thank goodness we have it as a stress reliever.

kate said...

Ah, the wonderful paperwork and challenge of teaching, yes? I.E.P.'s are a major topic of conversation over here during the job action.

Wee Willie Winkie - so sweet.

Pumpkin middle! (Having cut open, gutted and generally observed pumpkins in many different states of 'undress' since a very young age, most Canadians can spot one.) Plus we eat a lot of squash, which I prep by cutting in half and then scraping with a spoon.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Oscar! We hope your special day was the best!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Northern Monkey said...

I thought it was a butternut squash, I see most people said pumpkin but it's years since I've cut open one of those...definitely the inside of some sort of squash though.

Happy birthday Oscar!

I hope you get more knitting done this week.

Tracy said...

Hi there, sorry you've been having some tough days lately. Do hope things will turn around soon... and that you will be smiling! Thank goodness you have all that lovely knitting and Oscar! ;o) Happy 2nd belate to sweet Oscar, by the way. 2 already, heavens... Looks like the innards of a squash you have there...Have you been making pumpkins?! Keep smiling, keep knitting...((HUGS))

melissa said...

sorry to hear you had a rough week. i hope this week goes much much better for you!!
but if that top picture doesn't just make you crack up a little bit i don't know what will! :)

Country Girl said...

Happy Birthday to Oscar for last week. I hope you are having a better week and getting time for some knitting therapy!

josiekitten said...

Sorry you've had a bad week - hope this one is better. Glad you've had some yarny comfort though! I love Sophie's Halloween biscuit. Belated Happy Birthday to Oscar too! xxx

Willow said...

Teachers work hard and are totally underappreciated! Hang in there. I'm so pleased that you were able to satisfy the knitting urge a little bit with that adorable hat!

I know what that photo is--the insides of squash, probably an acorn squash.

I thought of you this weekend too--when I pulled out my sock yarn mitered square blanket which has been languishing unattended for months.

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Hi Ros, I really hope the last week has been better for you! Enjoy your weekend! Yours, Julia