Sunday, 13 November 2011


I needed this on Wednesday! We had received a phone call on Tuesday to say that the dreaded OFSTED inspectors were on their way. Thank you Sophie. You made Grandma smile. Doesn't she have lovely writing for an eighteen month old?

Just as the phone call came through, we were happily digging for dinosaur bones!

Just the mere mention throws me into paroxysms of absolute panic. I have no idea why, as I have never had a bad experience. In fact my OFSTED experiences have always been very positive. Yet still, in my head, the Inspectors are just the most dreaded people on the planet.

Now, here we are out the other side. Yay! Real life resumes. Tomorrow we set up for a whole school exhibition all about our city. There is NO rest for the wicked. I must be very, very bad ;-)

Needless to say, NO knitting was done this week at all, until yesterday afternoon. So, there is very little to show you.
I have manged to finish the little 'Wee Willie Winkie' hat for Sophie. It's rather swee, but looks way too large for her. I made the 12-18month size, but I think it might almost fit an elephant.

 I've also realised that I need to get a move on if I intend to knit a couple of new jumpers or cardis for her before Christmas. I have some more 'Baby Cashmerino' by Debbie Bliss, partly from stash and some bought yesterday from John Lewis. I have three or four of her pattern books and now just have to decide which ones to make. I really like using this yarn for baby and toddler knitting, as it is so so soft and warm, but also washes and wears well. Which do you think?

I've made up my mind on two of them I think. I have just cast on the little striped hoodie above, using the green and red...... Christmassy colours for a change. I've also decided on the little apricot cardi, to use up the deep pink that I already had in my stash. The extra green and the cream will hopefully make a little stripey beanie hat. Hmm! Think I've left it a little too late, but never mind.

My October Knitspot club project is at a standstill at present. I think I've over-killed on scrf knitting since the summer and can't seem to summon up the enthusiasm for it, which is a shame as I plan to give it to Sophie's dad (my son) for Christmas.

I'll leave you with two cute pics......

 Oscar asleep on his favourite soft toy, catching the weak rays of November sunshine this morning.

Dear little Sophie drawing her Grandma a lovely picture. She's eighteen months old now and absolutely full of mischief. She's wearing another little Debbie Bliss hoodie that I made a few months ago.

Well, let's try again this week................. here's hoping for a peaceful week!! Hope yours is too!


josiekitten said...

Glad that you survived Ofsted!! I hope we won't get the 'dreaded phonecall' for a couple more years at least!!! Now you can relax nd enjoy plenty of knitting time!! Have a good week! xx

Lynne said...

Sophie's hat is lovely, she'll grow into it! I love the colours in the Knitspot yarn, and the pattern looks lovely.

two bones and a bagle said...

Hope it goes well which i am sure it will. Hubby is teacher and I am an Nursery Nurse/Teaching Assistant so know all about it. Sophie is a cutie and looks lovely in her hoodie.

Teje said...

Hi Ros! Everything look so beautiful - yarns, knittings, Sophie with that lovely pullover! That pattern is so great that I would love to have it for myself! I feel now that I would just likde to stay in bed knitting - perhaps the flue has catched me.
Have a lovely week! Thank you for your sweet comments!
xxx Teje

Helsie said...

Oh, I love the third jacket for Sophie. She really is a cutie and a girl can't have too much pink !!
I love the wool in that scarf for your son so you'd better get on with it. I think it will be lovely when you finish it.

Tracy said...

aaawww...just love that pic of Sophie drawing!! Too cute... And so much good knitting and yarn! That sage-blue Baby Cashmerino is scrumptious... Love all the baby knits. And very fun with the dinosaur bones! My young niece would love that! Thanks for the get-well wishing... I think I'm on the mend at last. :o) Happy Week, Ros ((HUGS))

bellaboo said...

Luckily Ofsted didn't come in until after I had closed my nursery school.Glad it all went well.Have a good week and happy knitting.The hat is cute...big...but cute! :0)

Sarah said...

Well done on getting through OFSTED. I have always found the inspectors very nice, it is just the huge feeling of pressure from the top down!
Glad you got a bit of knitting time in. Sophie is looking really grown up! I like her picture-and yes-amazing writing!

Country Girl said...

Oh yes, I well remember that feeling of dread from the summer when Ofsted visited. Hope they had lots of good things to say about you!
I love the Debbie Bliss yarns - such wonderful colours.

busybusybeejay said...

Better the hat being too big rather than too small.At least she can grow into it.I love the two pink patterns.It just takes so much time as they youngest granddaughter is 4 now and the next one 6 but I still love knitting for them.

Stadtwaldvogel said...

I wish I would have digged for dinosaur bones at school! That's really cool. I prefer the first jacket with the sea green yarn.
Have a good week and lots of knitting time! Yours, Julia


hello grandma! ;o)
it's so great being a gran :) i recently had the news that my second grandchild is on it's way. wonder if it will be a girl this time?
your sophie is such a sweetie! and i love the wee willie winkie cap you made for her :)
thank you so much for your kind words on my blog xxx i'm sorry it has taken me so long to catch up.
i always love stepping into your world and am in total awe and admiration of your knitting skills. there is always something warm, beautiful, fun and interesting happening here :)

much love and hugs xxx


melissa said...

love sophie's drawing!
and my oh my is she ever getting grownup! such a gorgeous girl!

(love the knitting content as well, but it's over shadowed by sophie!)