Sunday, 22 September 2013


Guess where we've spent our weekend once again... out and about on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. Thank you so, so much Mr Sunshine. You have no idea how much I needed you this weekend. It's been really glorious; warm, still and sunny! After another manic school week, it has been most welcome.

On Saturday we drove up to our favourite beach, Holkham. The boardwalk through the trees, was swarming with dozens of 'Ruddy Darter' dragonflies; all enjoying the sunshine. Oscar swam and we drank tea and ate Sticky Toffee Pudding cake at the Holkham Hall tearooms. I'm sorry, but there's no photo. Our two forks swiftly demolished the lot before I thought to take a shot!

This morning was spent at Whitlingham Broad. Once again the sun shone and once again Oscar enjoyed a swim. We had lunch in the Barn before spending the afternoon in the garden. I'm now just delaying the start of a mountain of lesson planning and performance management organising. YUCK!

There has been a brief return to the needles this week too; mainly during this weekend, although the dreaded blanket ends got sewn in one evening during the week, when I felt too brain dead to control two needles, so opted for the single darning one instead. Job done! I promised you one last shot, minus the ends. Earlier, whilst still knitting, I had thought of adding a border, but now it's finished I think it looks just fine as it; plain and simple. 

Oh yes! At long last I have managed to get beyond the first five rows of the Baby Batman shawl. I made errors several times that called for a complete frog. It's not really that difficult, but my mind keeps wandering off onto school related business and then before I know it, oops! I am now using a lifeline after every tenth row.

I have to say that I have NOT enjoyed finding the easy solution to successful 'nupps', but the solution is making the whole enjoyment of the knit a lot more pleasurable. I've not worked them before and just couldn't seem to get the tension loose enough to then be able to purl all seven stitches together on the reverse row. Probably, through repeatedly having to redo because I had dropped the last one or two loops of the nupp, my skill level has increased and I am having much more success. The other answer to the problem lay in using a lace circular, rather than an ordinary one. It has a much more pointy end.

However, this does NOT mean that I have become a 'nupp' fan. So just remind me, if ever the need arises, that I do NOT wish to work with them again, thank you very much! :-)

That's all for now. Have a good week everyone!


josiekitten said...

The stripy blanket is gorgeous and will, I'm sure, be very well received! The lacy shawl is going to be stunning, hopefully you will get to know the pattern quickly, so knitting it won't be such a chore. It will be well worth it!! Have a good week. xx

Sarah Knits said...

Have you tried the crochet hook nupps? They are done and dusted on the same row and no 7 into 1 on the reverse!

Great to see you all enjoying the Norfolk seaside - we hope to be visiting it again soon! Sarah x

busybusybeejay said...

I have only done nupps once.Never again!Your blanket is lovely and doesn't need a border.It looks great as it is.

kate said...

Glad to hear you went for a pointy lace needle, they are much better for that kind of work!!

Love your sunshine photos. We had a true first day of fall, complete with swirling leaves and pelting rain.

Hope the school weeks get less management intense for you soon.

Sarah Knits said...

Have you tried the crochet nupp technique? The whole thing is done in one row and no horrid purling 7 into 1.

It is lovely to see your pictures at Holkham - hopefully it won't be too long before we get our fix of Norfolk seaside again! Sarah x

Mitch and Molly said...

I've never done this kind of knitting before. It's just beautiful ♥

bellaboo said...

Ooooh,lucky you in my favourite place in all the world...Norfolk!
Wondered if you saw the prog on BBC 4 the other night about the history of knitting....fascinating!

Lynne said...

The blanket is gorgeous, it looks like it's woven, and I agree that it doesn't need a border. The lace knitting is beautiful, good luck with the rest of it.

Willow said...

DO NOT knit nupps again! I repeat-- Just Don't Do It. (there's your reminder)

Love that blankie!

Sarah said...

I don't know what Nupps are but they sound a pain! I presume they are a stitch with lots of loops? THat sort of thing is much easier in crochet. I like your blanket-the colours are lovely! And I am jealous of your North Norfolk weekend. I have not been there for years.I know what you mean about school taking over. I haven't stopped since going back and am really tired now. Only week three or four-I have lost track too! Oh well. It pays the bills and most of it is fun!

melissa said...

the blanket turned out absolutely perfect! love it!!

i love you weekend photos, especially those long-armed rabbits!

hope you're having a good, and not too busy, week!