Sunday, 29 September 2013


We have had another glorious September weekend here in the East and Mr Snoops and I, along with Oscar of course, have made the most of it. We spent all of yesterday mooching here and there along our magnificent North Norfolk coastline, enjoying the boats, the sea and the sunshine. Oscar adores a swim in the sea, so a good time is had by all!

There has been one step forwards and two steps backwards progress on the Baby Batman Shawl, as I get to grips with with having to give a chart my full and undivided attention. This is tricky after a day at school, as all I really want to do is mindlessly stocking stitch the evening away. However, I WILL persevere and slowly but surely, inch by inch, it will get done. I have managed a few more rows, but then missed a YO and so had to frog back to the lifeline. Lucky, lucky that I thought to use one! Hopefully by next time, there will something worth showing. 

School is still busy, busy, busy, with the dread of an OFSTED inspection looming any day now. It's a horrible feeling, but one that all of us in the profession have to deal with. I have a particularly tricky class this year, so still feel as though I am establishing routines and behaviours  to my satisfaction. 

We work on a project all about our city this half-term and then hold an exhibition in the school hall for parents. My Year 3s focus on the landmark buildings and to get the project off to a flying start they take the open-top tourist bus ride around the city! Lots of fun is had and dozens of photos taken.

I'll leave you with a few shots taken by the children of our fine city of Norwich......

.......... not bad eh!


josiekitten said...

Great photos! Glad you were able to enjoy a day out at the coast! We are waiting for 'that' phone call too! xxx

melissa said...

beautiful beautiful photos!
thanks for sharing your visit with us!!

Tracy said...

WONDERFUL photos, Ros...grand day out! Loved seeing the taste of summer still there by the sea. :o) ((HUGS))

Jenny said...

Nothing nicer than an end of season day at the beach, in my opinion.