Sunday, 22 June 2014


At long last ( yes, it's been quite....a......while!) Mr Snoops has requested a pair of socks to wear with his walking boots. Bearing in mind they'll do a lot of walking, I thought it best not to use my scrummy skeins. Instead, I'm using up some Regia Design Line from my stash. It's definitely not a favourite yarn to work with, but it is hardwearing. I'd like his first experience to be a good one, so that it can be happily repeated!

I'm used Violet Green's sock generator to produce the pattern and cast on 68 stitches for his size 9 foot. It's the most basic sock pattern you could possibly knit, but that suits me fine for some post report writing blot out knitting. Yes, they are done and dusted for another year!

Our son had an orchestral concert at Snape Maltings this weekend and so spent a couple of nights with us. He brought Sophie along too! I love having a little bit of 'just us', Sofie time. She is excellent company and we always have lots of fun.  Just before her bedtime yesterday  evening, Sophie helped Grandma to water the pots and we took some photos. Love colour in the garden!

Have a good week everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ros! At least the colour is fantastic, if not so comfy to knit! Better to be strong for that use. Oh, I love your flowers - our garden is green but hardly any flowers. So nice that you had Sofie with you! Have a great week! x Teje

Lyn said...

Oh time!
but at least it marks the coming of the end of term so that's good!
You do have lots of colour in your garden, I feel so bad as I have not even made up my usual hanging basket yet!
I also wanted to thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog, you are always so very kind to leave me some nice words.

josiekitten said...

Well done for getting your reports done! Glad you had a good weekend with Sophie. xx

Mitch and Molly said...

Love the color of the new socks! Mr Snoops is going to love them!
Your flowers are just beautiful!

Tracy said...

YUMMY sock knitting... that yarn is deliciously fun, Ros! And love all the pinks & purples happening in your garden--*SWOON* So nice to catch up with you post-travels. :o) Happy Summer Days ((HUGS))

kate said...

Great sock yarn - pretty colourful for a guy!
Love your fuschias!!! (My yard is too hot and dry and bright for them.)

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Love the wild colours for the socks.
The flowers are beautiful too, I think you have a passion for purple!
Susan x

melissa said...

such gorgeous blooms!!
and hooray for hardy sock yarn for the husbands! i only made that mistake once :) never again! brian only gets "hardy" sock yarn from now on!!