Sunday, 15 June 2014


 So, here we have a pair of 'Movie Night' socks. I received the pattern and yarn two Christmases ago from my dear friend Josiekitten. I even cast them on on that very Christmas Day! Then, sadly, they quietly in a corner, unfinished, but definitely not unloved. The yarn is scrummy Hazelknits, which gives fabulous stitch definition and simply gorgeous squishy socks. I accidentally made them longer than stated, by miscounting the number or repeats in the first leg. By the time I'd noticed I had gone too far and certainly had no intention of frogging. My only concern began to be whether of not there would be enough yarn. In fact there was, with some to spare!

The pattern is by Anne Hanson, who produces just the best patterns ever. It's an addictive and easy to memorise pattern, with just enough detail to hold your interest. I love the heel stitching!

I'll certainly be making this pattern again!

We went up to the coast yesterday afternoon. It's Oscar's favourite place on earth!

 Of course, his tennis ball is his favourite thing on earth!

He had a great time! It delayed my report writing still further; no surprise there though.


josiekitten said...

Those socks look great, I love how the Hazel Knits yarn knits up. Looks like you had a far more exciting weekend than me (although I have finished my reports she added smugly!!) Have a good week! xx

Helsie said...

I love to see dogs enjoying themselves on the beach. They look so happy don't they?

Mitch and Molly said...

Love your socks! They're such a beautiful color! Have fun with your tennis ball, Oscar! What gorgeous pictures!

melissa said...

socks are gorgeous!! great job, well worth the wait! you're almost inspiring me to get my long-ignored socks out and dust them off :)

i love seeing oscar frolic at the beach - so much fun!!

Kate said...

I love the title - it could be the song to my summer :)
Gorgeous socks.