Sunday, 14 September 2014


Yay! One bright, smiley, happy sock done! I'll try to hurry up with his partner! It's quite hard to find time at present, as school work seems to be time consuming and endless. A bit more effort to work smartly is needed I think and less time reading blogs and pootling around on the internet.

It was while pooling around that I cam across the next must make project of my desire, over at Attic 24; the Coastal Ripple Blanket. I've been mulling over a suitable pattern and colour combo to make little Evie a bed-sized blanket ready for her first birthday in December. Well, this is a 'must make'!

Just look at those gorgeous seaside colours....... sand, sea, blue sky, seaweed and pebbles all in fifteen perfectly matched colours. Fabulous! They evoke so many happy family time memories. I just love the seaside! So, Evie's 'Seaside Ripple Blanket' has begun..... almost. Hopefully there'll be something on the hook to show you next week.

It's been a lovely weekend here in our small corner, so Mr Snoops and I headed off to the North Norfolk coast yesterday to give Oscar a good run on his favourite beach, Holkham.

We called in at  Brancaster....

and took a stroll along the coastal path at Morston.

The clouds rolled away as we headed back to the crab hut for lunch..............

fresh crab sandwiches, cockles and a cup of tea. Delicious!

Then on to Holkham. Oscar knows where we're going miles before we get there!!!

Doggy heaven! Time for a stitch or two in the car too!


josiekitten said...

That sock is gorgeous! I think that's the pattern I'll use for my skein too. Oscar looks full of beans! Have a good week. xx

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The colours for the ripple blanket are just beautiful.
There's nothing quite like a happy dog running along the seashore, splashing in the water, breeze in his ears and contentment in his heart.
Enjoy the week Ros.
Susan x

Sarah said...

The rainbow socks are lovely and it is great to see Oscar having such fun! I have never had cockles, but I liked the look of your seaside meal!

Wyatt said...

Perfect in every way...enjoy

Wyatt and Stanzie

Anonymous said...

Hi Ros and Oscar! Great to see you had fun on the beautiful beach! Your socks are the happiest - best beginning for the autumn! I have watched lately also Lucy's blog because I miss crocheting. Her seaside blanket is very beautiful and your yarns are perfect for that. Hugs! x Teje

busybusybeejay said...

blanket making and autumn go together so well.I'm obsessed with making blankets!

Lynne said...

Love that sock, it's so bright and cheerful! The blanket is going to be gorgeous, those colours are beautiful. Good luck with it!

Jenny said...

Beautiful colours, I bet you are loving working on the blanket. I actually went into a yarn shop this week and bought nothing, I'm quite envious.

melissa said...

ha! josiekitten's comment cracked me up! oscar does look full of beans!

your sock is bright and cheerful and lovely!!

and i love that color palette... it's going to make such a beautiful ripple!