Wednesday, 29 October 2014


So, these little beauties have paired up! Maybe they're lonely. I need to get a move on and get their mates completed so that they have some company. The top sock has been waiting a while now. The larger  bottom sock not so long. In fact I've completed Mr Snoops' size 9 'stripy' during two day trips to the coast recently. It's such an easy knit, but gives a very satisfying fit.

Both of these beauties are destined to be Christmas gifts and I'm pretty confident their partners will join them in good time for the big day. Mind you, I also have Evie's Seaside Blanket on the go, which is taking priority right now. I've completed over two thirds of the stripes and am loving the easy going ripply relaxation that comes with each yummy colour change. I'll show you my progress next time, as the light is too poor now to photograph.

I'm off to visit the grandchildren and their adults :-) tomorrow for a few days. I'll take my singleton socks along for the ride and see how we go. At least they'll be keep each other company!


josiekitten said...

Have a great trip, hope you fit in a little sock knitting too! xxx

Mitch and Molly said...

Love the socks! Have a fun trip ☺

Jennyff said...

I've never done that, knit one sock then started a different one, call me old fashioned.

melissa said...

well if they weren't destined to be gifts i'd say just pull a lily and wear them as a pair! :)

hope you enjoy your time with your family!