Sunday, 19 October 2014


Seeing as Mr Snoops keeps asking me if his one and only pair of hand knit socks have been washed, it seems fitting to make him another pair. This time HE chose the yarn himself!!!! Think you're going to have nice bright tootsies Mr Snoops!!!

I'm using Kate Atherley's Basic Ribbed Pattern; one I've used many times before. It always fits beautifully and easy enough for travel knitting, but not so easy to be totally boring. He's asked me to rustle up a couple of pairs for his Christmas present. Hmm, blanket to complete, twin to knit for my dear, elder Miss Snoops pair (also for Christmas). Better get my skates on!

October has brought some weather surprises to our little corner of the world. Yesterday we went to Holkham, up on the North Norfolk coast. Although the sky looked rather stormy, the sun did make an intermittent appearance and we didn't need a coat! In fact the temperature was up to 20 degrees!

Today, I noticed roses blooming in our front garden. Yes, it is mid October!


AnnaPrasad said...

Loving the socks, lucky Mr. Snoops. I noticed a rose in my garden this afternoon too, how lovely.

Jennyff said...

The joy of starting another pair of socks, brilliant. I just discovered a lovely sock yarn that's spun up the road from here, I must post about it soon. Lovely weather here too but the forecast for the early part of this week is a bit wild so take care.

Sarah said...

Lovely socks and photos as always. I was convinced I would have had Christmas presents made for everyone by now-I had plans, but surprise surprise I don't! There is still time!

josiekitten said...

Love the socks for Mr Snoops. Roll on Wednesday! x

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Just look at the joy on Oscar's face!
Hubby's socks certainly are wonderful and bright.
Susan x

melissa said...

socks are looking great!

glad you had warm weather - oscar seems to be enjoying himself!