Sunday, 22 May 2016


This is what's in my knitting bag this week.... not very exciting! It's a dark navy hoodie for Evie; in progress, but a fair way to go yet. It's not worth boring you with the dark navy stocking stitch, so I'll move on.

We are not passionate gardeners, but I just love seeing these blooms at this time of year. It's the best time as far as I'm concerned. I love how the flowers intermingle with a wild and unruly look. So pretty!

Here in our fine city, we have an annual two week music and arts festival that has grown over the years and features a wide range of acts to suit all tastes. This being the middle weekend, the Festival Tea Party takes place in our city centre park. All sorts of exciting free performances including dance, live music, circus, a fire-breathing dragon made out of scrap metal and sound installations. Just my cup of tea! Here's a quick look at what we experienced, some beautiful, some breathtaking, some thought provoking and some just weird!

The sun shone, the 'street food' sellers were out in force and we had a good time!

We also managed a trip to the lake this morning, so Oscar got his serving of fun too!

The goslings grow so quickly!

 It's half-term at the end of this week and we are off 'up North' for the week to see little ones! :-)


Molly and Mackie said...

Your lake is so gorgeous, Oscar, and look at that fabulous sky! Love all of your pretty flowers☺

Jenny said...

Just my kind of garden, beautiful. Bit too much activity for my kind of weekend though, we pensioners like to take it easy after a hectic week of nothing much at all. Enjoy being up north, I do.

Sarah said...

That festival looks fun! I like the dragon. Not sure what is going on on the grey walllooks dangerous! I cant wait for half term. Though my plan has not gone according to plan and I still have loads of reports to do. Not sure how it has all gone so wrong!

josiekitten said...

I seem to have missed the festival goings on this year. Looked like some fun things! Have a great week, counting down the days until half term! xx

kate said...

Wonderful spring flowers! I too am partial to a little bit of shaggy wild with the colours.
What a great looking festival!! Enjoy your break and the family.