Sunday, 15 May 2016


I'm so sorry I missed you last week, but we had an unexpected arrival! Little Isaac arrived rather quickly on Thursday, 5th May at 7.12p.m., a couple of weeks before we were expecting, so Mr Snoops and I made a very special trip up North. What little beauty he is, don't you think? He's still looking a little yellow in this photo, but after light treatment the jaundice is slowly disappearing.

We had the pleasure of looking after darling Evie for a couple of days: she is an absolute delight! It also meant that we were able to spend time with our other two grandchildren, Sophie and Jess, as well. A very special time was had! 

I had time to make another little sweater and a couple of hats. This one matches the grey and the green sweaters and the other has grey and blue stripes to match the grey sweater and blue cardigan featured a couple of posts ago. I don't have a photo of the blue and grey hat, as I completed it on our Thursday evening journey northwards, just after taking a phone call in the car to say that he arrived. Needless to say, a hat photo was no longer high priority! :-)

I LOVE these cute little buttons. They work just perfectly!

Since we've been home, I've made Evie a little cardi for her 'baby' doll. This is a great pattern (Little Kina), that I've used before, knit from the top down all in one piece. It's quick and easy and uses up oddments of yarn! ;-)

We may only have been away for six days, but at this time year so much happens during that time in the garden. The honeysuckle smells divine!

Fresh produce and 'first of the season's' goodies were on offer at the Farmer's Market yesterday in the city centre. We usually stool down through the park for a coffee and to buy some of this stalls wonderful produce. Just look at those lush strawberries; they tasted just as good as they look, as did the yummy asparagus; tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted for 10 mins in a hot oven. Delicious!

I just wanted to show you the new 'life and times' of Mr Snoops' feet! Two years ago came the first wearing of the knitted socks and now we seem to be going for 'how bright can you get'! These are his new socks for days when knitted socks just won't do :-(   He wanted brown! I said 'Why not stripes?' So, he went for stripes. Snazzy, hey?

Here's a pic of our beautiful boy, Oscar, taken this afternoon in the garden. He had been racing around with his pheasant, but stopped dead when he saw me with the camera, as if to say, ' You taking a shot of me Mum? Okay, I'll play ball!' Love my boy!


josiekitten said...

Such lovely news! I think you are excused for not blogging last week! Beautiful little baby knits for the latest addition to the Snoops family! xx

Molly and Mackie said...

Little Isaac is just precious and so are the sweaters! And you, Oscar, are one handsome boy☺

Teje said...

Hi Ros and congratulations! He is surely the cutest little baby! I like so much the little knittings you have done! Hugs to you and Oscar! x Teje

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

How wonderful Ros he is darling! And I love those fantastic sweaters you have made him.
And of course a special hello to that silly Oscar.
There's nothing like a new babe to usher in Spring...
Susan x

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the arrival of beautiful Isaac! Love the photo of Oscar too!

AnnaPrasad said...

Oh i am late too. What sweetie! Congrats! Xx