Sunday, 11 September 2016


These gorgeous ones were named 'Provence Socks' as they were the pair I took on holiday with me, expecting to fill spare moments with knitting time; only there were very few spare moments and consequently very little knitting time, which was fine by me because I was having great fun! 

I'm glad to say I am now on sock number two, so progress has been slow but steady since I have been home. A few rounds here and a few rounds there, in between schoolwork and other jobs. 

So, the pattern is 'Dave' by Rachel Coopey. It's my 'go to' pattern for plain socks and with gorgeous stripes like these I want nothing to detract from their beauty! The yarn is a skein I carefully selected at Fibre East this year, by the Knitting Swede. It's Stride - self-striping in colour way Urban Flowers. I just love, love, love these pretty pink and purple stripes against the grey background. Dyeing perfection for me! 

They are in indeed a lucky and pretty well travelled pair of socks, having already spent a week in the sunny south of France, this elder twin had the added luxury of a trip to the coast last weekend. It was a little cooler but still very beautiful and the sun shone. 

 Thankfully, we've capitalised on the slow, stripey French beginnings. This was my week's worth of knitting! I know, way too much talking, people watching, sight seeing and daydreaming! Just fabulous and, do you know, the sock didn't mind one little bit that progress was so slow. He was enjoying the trip!


josiekitten said...

I love the socks. If I had realised quite how gorgeous the colour way was going to be, I might have wrestled it off you at Fibre East!!!!! Looking forward to some sewing fun with you next weekend! xx

Lynne said...

Ooo, these look lovely! That yarn is just gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Glad you had a good holiday! It is always better to take a project and not have time for it rather than be stuck without one if you do. The socks are a lovely colour combination. Hope new term is going well.

melissa said...

loving this colorway! your socks are looking fabulous!!
love the picture of them out in the wild, i love a well-traveled knitting project!!