Sunday, 18 September 2016


Well, I finally took the plunge and made my first attempt at quilting yesterday, under the watchful eye of my great friend Josiekitten. I've hankered after having a go at this craft for a long, long time now, but whilst still teaching, free time is pretty precious and I didn't want to take on yet another hobby. However.......... I have just loved seeing the beautiful cushions that she has made and the wonderful projects completed by other quilters AND I received a beautiful put together kit from Josiekitten for my birthday in July. The rest will soon be history as, with my first project successfully completed, I shall now consider myself a quilter!!! Since when have I been one to say no to the plaintive cries of a pretty skein of yarn or (so it now seems) some pretty fabric.

 I'm never one to say no to a yummy piece of Millionaire's Shortbread or Lemon Cake either, as of course, we needed a coffee and cake catch up before we got down to the business of the day!

Pretty much the hardest part of the process was choosing the best order for the beautiful coloured squares. It took me a while, but I was pretty happy with the finished arrangement.

I had the chance to use Josiekitten's fabulous Juki sewing machine for the purposes of cushion production. What a pleasure it is to use!

 The idea and instructions for this beautiful cushion came from this blog. There are so many beautiful things to make, I just need many more hours in each day.

Here we are with the front all ready for quilting.  Josiekitten showed me how to layer the muslin and then the wadding and keep it all in place with pins and then I was ready to get going with the quilting! 

Always a fan of spotty fabrics, this reverse side fabric is just perfect. I love the simple envelope opening too!

In fact I am pretty much in love with every last stitch of it all!!!

Thanks so much Josiekitten for setting me off on the colourful road of quilting discovery!!!


Lynne said...

Your cushion is brilliant, you did a great job. Good luck with your next quilting project!

josiekitten said...

It looks lovely and I'm sure it will take pride of place on your sofa. Will Oscar be allowed to rest his head on it I wonder?! Looking forward to our next sewing day! xx

busybusybeejay said...

That is lovely.It is such a shame that there are not more hours in the day to do more!!!!

Wyatt said...

Love the nautical theme. So perfect for a little beach cottage. I've been thinking hard on a little beach cottage, as retirement approaches!

Wyatt's Mom

Molly and Mackie said...

Your cushion is just beautiful! We LOVE the colors!