Sunday, 4 December 2016


There has quite a lot of quiet anticipation over the last couple of weeks, since my Opal Advent calendar landed chez Snoops'. It was a birthday gift back in July from my dear friend Josiekitten, but it was only recently delivered. I suspect she didn't trust me!!!

I have to say, it is quite the most exciting Advent calendar ever. There's definitely no weekend lie-ins when you have the next mini-skein to discover. Oooh, the anticipation!

Here are the first four days worth. Cute aren't they! Such sweet, dinky little mini skeins of sock yarny goodness. The only shame is that I'm still up to my eyeballs in Christmas knitting and so am in no position to cast on imminently. I suspect that when I do, it will be to make a pair or two of random multi-coloured socks and maybe crochet some little squares too. Who knows! I am saving that delicious delight for the Christmas holidays, when I will have a little more time. In the meantime....... well, more anticipation  of course.

Mr Snoops has been to this afternoon, playing in a Bridge competition, so I have made the most of a peaceful house and not too much school work to get done, to get my new beast of a sewing machine out and start work on another cushion. This one will be a Christmas gift for the younger Miss Snoops. Then I have the fabric ready for another for Miss Snoops the elder. Hmmm, time is definitely not on my side. 

I'm loving these little squares of spotty gorgeousness and I'm loving the re-discovery of stitching. I just need a lot more hours in every day. I think this will look lovely once finished!

December is certainly marching on with giant strides and the early dark evenings have rushed upon us. I love our city at this time of year, with it's array of twinkling lights, trees and festive garlands. 
Despite the rush to reach the end of my shopping list, I never forgo time to just soak up the simple beauty of this lovely time of year.

We strolled down into the city centre in search of coffee this morning and were greeted with this wondrous sight. Well yes, I guess the clear blue sky was pretty impressive, but so too the smokey smiley halo settled protectively over our city centre church. Perhaps a very special visitor was inside!

Have a good week!


josiekitten said...

I think yours are all different to mine so far! Such fun! Love the cushion too, it's going to be fabulous when it's finished! xx

Anna Prasad said...

Love that calendar, what a great idea! Gorgeous cushion you. What a lucky daughter you have. Have a wonderful week. X Anna

Teje Karjalainen said...

What a fun calendar, Ros! I'm so happy to see you making patchwork! Those little squares with happy colours and white will make beautiful pillow! Wonderful photos! Have a great week! x Teje

Molly and Mackie said...

We love your colorful squares project and can't wait to see it finished!