Sunday, 11 December 2016


Yep, afraid I'm a total sock machine at the moment. They seem to be rolling off the needles at a pretty fast speed. It's just as well though, as these are all family Christmas gifts and there is still one more pair to go. Then it will be the turn of my own fairy feet to receive a pair of snuggly socks in yet another colour way of this same gorgeous yarn.

In case you hadn't remembered the yarn is by West Yorkshire Spinners and knits up beautifully. I really like the beautiful colour ways; most are named after British birds. So, above from left to right we have Mallard, Pheasant and then Holly Berry, with matching solid colours, Juniper, Nutmeg and Cherry Drop.

This is the Mallard pair fresh off the needles and below is the fourth colour combo about to start out on the journey to become a pair of warm socks for yet another of Snoop's family members. This is Bullfinch with heels and toes in Grey. Loving those matching needles too!  ;-)

It's been very exciting first ten days of Opal Advent Calendar opening. As you can see, the colours are absolutely gorgeous, with plenty of choice to suit all tastes. Once my Christmas gift knitting is complete, these little lovelies and their, as yet unseen,  friends will become random socks and granny squares to make a cushion. C.A.N.'T W.A.I.T!!!!

There was such a pretty sky this evening too. Oh I do love COLOUR!


josiekitten said...

Love those socks and look forward to seeing your mini balls get transformed!! xx

Molly and Mackie said...

Such gorgeous socks and we love your beautiful sunset!

Jenny said...

I'd love every single pair of those socks to be in my sock drawer. Gorgeous.