Sunday, 26 February 2017


Oh my word! How I do so love these colourful little granny squares; even the brown and blacks have their place in the overall collection. I made two extra little squares, so that there would be fifty, which should make a cute eighteen by eighteen inch cushion cover once all crocheted together. The photo above is the front and the photo below is the back, or vice versa! I don't really care which way is which as I love them all; the little darlings!

I love how the colours splurge and splash across the square; never paying too much attention to their ramblings, just wheresoever the mood takes them.

I have never been a fully fledged crochet addict, as knitting is and probably will always be, my first love. However, I've really enjoyed the three blankets that I've made over the years (all Attic 24) and have REALLY  loved the easy pick up and go of these little squares.

 Having only ever attempted stripe or ripple blankets before, I have had to find out how to join my lovelies. It seems they can be sewn or crocheted together, from the front or from the back. I have to say, crocheting just has to be the right way for me and so having read up and found different tutorials online, I plumped for Lucy's really clear and picture heavy instructions over at Attic 24. Perfect! It works and I'm well on my way. I love that the stitches match one for one exactly, so there is no need for adjusting or tweaking. It just works and, I have to say, it's another pretty addictive little activity.

Here we go! Looking sweet, aren't they! Above you can the top view with the squares neatly nestling together and below is the underside, with a slip-stitch ridge forming. 

I'm not totally sure that I shouldn't go with the ridge side being on show. Having checked the squares joined so far, I could just as easily use the ridged side, as there are no sewn in ends showing and the crocheting looks identical from both sides. Hmm, another decision to be made!

Think I'll go the overkill now of gorgeous, colourful photographic yumminess. Here you go!

Pop back next time and hopefully you will be able to see the finished thing in all it's loveliness!


Jenny said...

Beautiful. I always imagine putting crochet together is easier and less boring that sewing knitting together, I may be wrong, hope the finale is close.

josiekitten said...

They look gorgeous, it's going to be a lovely cushion! xx

kate said...

I love how the colours swirl through each square, giving a feeling of motion. Gorgeous!

Molly and Mackie said...

We love all of the beautiful vibrant colors!

Willow said...

yummy! A few years ago I went a little overboard on granny squares. Actually, I'm not that is possible, really.
Now your photos have made me want to pull out my crochet hooks!
PS: I'm glad you survived Doris with minimal damage.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Ros! Oh, these are so beautiful! I like the white around to connect all the colours! You make me want to start grannies! Thank you for your comment on my blog! When I started to reply, all the comment disappeared, sorry. x Teje

Tracy said...

This is such a PRETTY project, Ros! I love how the soft cream "tempers" all the happy riot of color! :) Happy stitching... ((HUGS))