Sunday, 16 July 2017


I'm so sorry to have been absent without leave these last couple of weeks. I have no excuse except for  what I can only call 'end of summer termitis!' I have had rather a large amount of test marking, data logging, assessment sorting etc. etc. to get to grips with. It's pretty grim really, but just has to be done. This coupled with weekends away and family visiting has meant that knitting, crocheting and blogging have been almost put on hold! However, with the light now shining brightly at the end of the tunnel, I  am very much looking forward to a summer of craftiness

It was birthday at the beginning of the month and I was well and truly spoilt by friends and family. My dear friend Josiekitten knows me so well and can always manage to find gifts that delight! Above  you can see my wonderful gifts from her. 

Aren't these just wonderful? I  LOVE liquorice all sorts and to receive their representation in stitch marker form was just brilliant (she also popped in a rathe large box of the real things!).

They'll be put to good use with this beautiful 'Greatest of Ease' sock yarn from Knit Circus in colour way Electric Mayhem Stripes. You won't be missing my feet in the dark next winter!

The photo below gives a much truer impression of the colour. 

 Then there was this skein of deliciousness from the Irish 'Townhouse Yarns'. It's Camden Tweed in colour way, Dubh Linn. It's destined to become a hat, I think. 
There will hours of sewing fun to be had as well, with the cute Hamish the Hound pin cushion kit and the wonderful dyeing kit! :-)

To add to the abundance of crafty goodness,  there were skeins sent from over the pond from a bloggy friend, Katherine. Josiekitten had met up with her in London and she had, so kindly, brought us some US yarn. Look at this little beauty! It's from The Noble Thread in Wilmington. I just love the graduated colour!

Next up, a skein of worsted from the Neighbourhood Fibre Co. in colour way Georgetown. The dyeing is deliciously saturated. It's beautiful!

Last, but definitely not least, was the scrummy skein of 'artisan sock' from Hazel Knits, one of my favourite sock yarns!

Kathering had just spent several weeks exploring the Shetland Isles and I had followed along vicariously, checking in on her each day on Facebook, so I was delighted to also receive this lovely hat pattern. A challenge for cold winter evenings, I think!

I was truly spoilt! :-)


Molly the AireGirl said...

Mom eats licorice just like that stitch marker too! The stitch markers are so pretty!
What beautiful yarns!

Tracy said...

Happy birthday, belated! Such LOVELY treats to celebrate YOU! Such scrummy yarns...especially that Electric Mayhem Stripes--those will make for bright, happy, nearly reflective feet! ;) Hang in there... holiday time ahead! I've been offline a good bit myself as my Mr had time off, and we had a lovely staycation the past two weeks. We've been having such good weather, and have almost been living outdoors. Gotta grab summer while we can! ;) ((HUGS))

josiekitten said...

Looking forward to getting together for some yarn dyeing and doggy sewing! xx