Saturday, 25 October 2008


Thought I ought to show you Mr Snoopydog's parsnips which he has grown on his allotment! Perfect, I'd say........he was very proud of them. Lots of delicious winter roasts to look forward to. Yummy! I think his Christmas Head Warmer may well become his Allotment Head Warmer, as his hair on top doesn't offer as much protection as it used to. Hmmm!

I've finally finished Lucy's 'Red Monkeys', which have now become 'Lucy's Christmas Monkeys' as I have taken rather a long time to complete them. I love Cookie's 'Monkey Socks' pattern. It is very easy to follow and the socks always look fab. I used an Araucania Ranco solid colour yarn. It's a lovely rich red mixed with lighter shades too, which don't really show up on the photo. I have used this yarn several times now and it is becoming one of my favourites for sock knitting.

It's half term this week and a well earned rest is in order after a very busy half-term which included a two-day visit from OFSTED; successful but still very stressful.

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