Saturday, 11 October 2008


Well, who'd have thought I'd have got his little bunch sorted in an afternoon....and a bit! It's been a glorious October day here, and after a late morning browse with Mr Snoopydog around the French Produce market, and a spot of lunch out watching the world go by, I have spent the entire afternoon knitting in the garden.
First up is my Autumn Days Scarf. This was a nightmare to unpick if I made an error and didn't spot it straight away. Doh! I made quite a few errors! That's why it seems to have taken forever (started on 28th August). However, the yarn is fab, sooo soft and easy to work with and the colours are divine. It's a Kaalund Classic Two yarn; hand dyed Australian wool.

Next up come my first two washcloths. Or rather, my first washcloth and first pawcloth! These were knitted using 'Peaches and Creme' cotton worsted. There are sooooo many beautiful colourways to choose from and I went overboard and ordered lots of fab variegated ones. Scott's pawcloth needed to be made from a solid colour to show off the paw print. Ho! Hum! Lesson in not behaving like the 'kid in the candy shop' next time I order. Anyway, don't expect Scott will mind if he can't see the paw print very well. It's going in his Christmas stocking. I don't think he has any idea what a lucky granddog he is!!!

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josiekitten said...

Love the scarf - you've inspired me to get on with mine! And the facecloths are wonderful. I am planning to make a whole pile for Christmas pressies too! Great mind think alike!