Monday, 6 October 2008


We had an OFSTED inspection last week, which meant NO KNITTING for a whole week, near enough! STRESS, STRESS, STRESS! Anyway, the inspection was successful and I celebrated by chilling out and knitting this little chap over the weekend..........

We had an 'Elephant Day' at school today and so I thought he would be my contribution to the 'art installation' of elephants in the school hall. I have to say he was by far the coolest Elly there and he was a big hit. Not big enough to give up the daytime teaching job though!!!!

The pattern was a freebie on Ravelry; 'Elefante' by Susan Anderson and I just used oddments of double knitting. The pattern was easy to follow, although it took a while to get the crotcheted ears right, as I haven't used a crotchet hook in many a year. He's so sweet!


blog-blethers said...

You must be relieved the inspection is over. Elefante is so cute - I bet all the children fall in love and you have loads of requests to knit more!

josiekitten said...

The elephante is really lovely! It's on my 'to do' list!