Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Completed these in a weekend, well finally finished on the Monday evening. Fab pattern, gorgeous yarn, quick to knit, look great! (well I think so). They are made using Colinette Prism (2 skeins of 145 frangipani). The pattern is from the Colinette booklet, 'Artyfacts'.They were made for my youngest daughter, who is working for the UNDP in Bratislava at the moment. The temperatures have dropped as low as -15 degrees this winter. She has already reported back.....and they are keeping her nice and snuggly!

There are some really fab colourways in this yarn and the total cost was about £10. Not bad eh! The Colinette website is very, very addictive with lots of gorgeous yarns.


Kate said...

They look really snug! I love the colours as well.

josiekitten said...

They look lovely! Would the yarn make a good scarf too do you think?