Sunday, 28 March 2010


Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! So little time, so much to do! It's nearly time for bed already and I haven't done half of the schoolwork I need to do. Soooooo, this post is just going have to be short and sweet. The  Easter holidays begin on Thursday, then all will be well. Time to catch up and time to recoup. Anyhows, hope this post finds everybody happy and well.

I have had so little time for relaxation of any kind this week, but have just squeezed in enough knitting time to finish the pretty little Rainbow jacket that I showed you last week. Here it is all ready and waiting ......

I'm afraid I missed the daylight hour to take my photos.... I was still blanket stitiching the seams and looking for some buttons that would suit. Can you believe, that amongst the hundreds of colourful buttons that I own, I could only find these three that would match both the colours of the jacket and each other! You can? Well then you quite clearly haven't seen my colourful button collection!

The jacket was such a fun and easy knit. It looked quite strange befor making up, because it's made in two halves which are folded over and sewn up the middle of the back.

I love it and will definitely use the pattern again.

That's all I managed this week, apart from mounting a huge exhibition created by my year 3 class and the parallel class, all about our city. It features a whole half-term's work and takes over my life for a while. Take a quick look! Now, had you actually come to visit, you would have been greeted by one of our 46 'expert' Year 3 Tourist Guides, who would have escorted you around the exhibits and captured your interest with all kinds of interesting facts about our lovely city. Well at least I hope they would have! Ready for your 'un-guided' mini tour?

I hope you enjoyed that! It's not every day that you get to go an a whistlestop tour of a beautiful English city, all from the comfort of your sofa :)

Have a good week everyone! Thanks for calling in, it's always great to see you!


Sarah said...

I love that rainbow jacket! The exhibition looks amazing-so well done to you and your year three class! Have a great week!

Maria said...

The Jacket is gorgeous. Bet you can't wait to see it on
It's wonderful that the kids learn about where they live, it makes it so interesting. I will be going back for a more in depth look

Maggie and Mitch said...

Love the rainbow jacket and what a great idea to use different colored buttons!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Your little rainbow jacket is beautiful and the rainbow buttons are just the finishing touch.
Your classroom display exemplifies that brilliant minds lie in our youth the world over...each encouraged and inspired by the right teacher.
Enjoy the week!
Susan x

Tracy said...

The Rainbow Jacket is FABULOUS, Ros...just love it! That is one happy little jacket for a happy little one! :o) The exhibit is wonderful...what clever kids... :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

melissa said...

the sweater looks amazing!! and i totally want to go swimming in your button collection!

but oh my - your students are just amazing! what wonderful displays! you should be very proud of yourself ms. teacher, you've done a fantastic job!


Your new jacket is beautiful and guess what? Mommy has one just like it that she bought at TALBOT'S about five years ago.

Same exact colors and pattern and it's her favorite sweater cause it goes with everything!

Tell your mommy that she needs to make one for herself too, so you will look like twins! Wouldn't that be cute?

Riley and Star.

Kathy said...

A very impressive exhibition - such a lot of hard work has gone into that!
I might pinch some ideas for our International Exhibition in the summer term. Each class is taking one of the teams in the world cup as a starting point - we've got Mexico. Great fun - only in a primary school as they say!!!!
No two days are ever the same.

I love the rainbow jacket!
Love Kathy xxx

mandycharlie said...

Lovely Exhibition, your pupils should feel very proud of themselves. I loved your buttons, your blog post sent me on a wild goose chase across the internet, which was fun.

bellaboo said...

WoW! You and the children have really worked hard on that project...lovely to see all their work.
The jacket is gorgeous,you are a brilliant knitter!

Bellaboo :0)

Jenny said...

The little jacket is perfect, though I still have no idea how the pieces fit together. Your pupils put loads of work into that exhibition, such a great thing for them to do, they probably learnt lots about their city and gained confidence to share their knowledge. Maybe one of them could come and explain to me about the jacket?

Anonymous said...

I love the colours in your little 'Rainbow' - I finished one a while back in bamboo sock yarn and also used three different coloured buttons. I left the centre back stitches on a spare needle and then Kitchener stitched the back seam and was really pleased with the result - I'm now doing a couple of E Zimmerman BSJs but love the simplicity of the Drops pattern.

Anonymous said...

lovely post Ros. what a super school you have!
i love love love the rainbow jacket, it's gorgeous! i want one in my size :o)

happy easter hugs xxx


cmv said...

hooray! i love this post! your kids' work is just wonderful, you must be swelling with pride! and so is your sweater- perfect colors for spring! and the buttons?! oh how i love button collections. thanks for the colorful spring cheer!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to thank you for your lovely comments (they make me smile :o) and wish you a super springy happy skippy easter weekend xxx

warm hugs xxx


a warm hug for darling Oscar too. (almost said Scott, i get names mixed up. hugs for Scott too xxx)

Mrs Twins said...

Thanks for stopping by. You are in my draw.
Now I just love looking at the childrens work. I miss going into my childrens class rooms looking at their work. This was a delight.
Your jacket has come out really good. I should think you are really pleased. But I have to say it doesn't look anything does it until it's made up! Love the colours in it.
Well done to you. I bet you are pleased with the finished result. What's next?
Happy Easter to you.
Hugs and Love Suex

Anonymous said...

It's great!!..................................................

Anonymous said...


i was hoping to post today but two of my animals reacted to a flea treatment (we think). yuki was foaming at the mouth and in a very poorly state and lily has an extreemly upset tummy.
so won't be back until maybe end of next week after my easter visitors have gone.
just thought i'd let you know and wish you a lovely weekend xxx


kate said...

Lovely rainbow sweater - perfect eye candy for our wet and windy weather.

Especially taken with the class project, love those big, get-into-'em projects for kids.