Sunday, 4 April 2010


 Hello there! YAY!.... the Easter Bunny came and left me some chocolatey goodness....... to make me smile! Thank you Easter Bunny.

This made me smile too.... it accentuates a more humourous aspect of a currently serious topic. It takes nothing away from the real important issue, just adds a new slant.

It made me laugh! It's always good to spread a little humour! There, that's better, all nicely relaxed.............

.............. Hooray! Relaxed, full of chocolate and looking forward to a two-week Easter break. The holidays couldn't come quick enough and now they are here. Time to welcome Spring and recharge the batteries and finish off one or two little projects...... or should I say BIG project, in the case of the 'Special Ripple Blanket'. Our little granddaughter is due to be born in early May and I have not even reached the halfway mark yet. Oh well.... looks like this holiday is going to be filled with 'rippling'.

I have completed the 'Very Special Teddy' though and am really pleased with the results. It's a very easy knit and although I used the pattern in Debbie Bliss's book 'Simply Baby', it can also be found free here . It takes just two balls of Baby Cashmerino.

A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a new craft book. Years ago, I used to sew quite a lot, making small baby dresses and little dungarees etc when my daughters and son were small and then progressing on to dance costumes and silk painted card stitching. My machine has been safely tucked away for a number of years, except for a brief dusting off two years ago, when I stitched the wedding stationery for my son and daughter-in-law's wedding. You can see the very simple design design here. I have recently been seeing some lovely Cath Kidston fabrics around the net (I'm not always a fan of her stuff, but have spotted some gorgeous designs. So, when I spotted this book I just had to have it. Call it a small Easter gift to myself.

It is laid out beautifully and all instructions are clear and simple. There are some really lovely projects inside.

It even includes all you need to make the very pretty bag shown on the cover of the book. Excellent value!

The weather here in the East has been rather 'hit and miss', with some sunshine, but also some pretty heavy showers and cold winds. We did manage to dodge the showers to take Oscar to, what is becoming,  his favourite place to hang out and meet his friends.

He's just five months old now and getting bigger and bolder by the day. The water park is perfect for giving him some freedom off his lead. He has learnt to 'come' on command and is very, very sociable with all dogs, humans, ducks and swans. They are not all quite so keen on him though!

Even though it has not felt very Spring like, with a sharp, cold wind blowing these past few days, there are so many signs that make the heart skippety happy with memories of warm sunshine and lazy outdoors days. The shots below were from our garden just this morning.

We're off to Pickering, in Yorkshire for a week next Friday. It's one of our very favourite 'get away from it all' places and I'm really looking forward to some peace and quiet, beautiful country and coastal walks, fine food, good ale and ................ introducing Oscar to our favourite peaceful place!!! I just KNOW he'll love it!

Have a great week everyone, wherever you will be and whatever you will be doing.


Kathy said...

Gosh, Oscar looks like he's growing into a fine young boy!!! They don't seem to be puppies for very long do they.
Inca walks perfectly and comes back on cue if there are no distractons - and she is so easily distracted!!!
I love the knitted bear - you must be so excited about the new baby!
Enjoy your trip to Pickering!
Hope the weather is kind!
Love Kathy xxx

Lyn said...

What a very Springy post! The teddy bear is so cute.
Have a lovely time in Pickering, a beautiful part of the country.

kate said...

We are in the middle of our two week spring break, so I know just how wonderful it feels!

Looks like a very nice book. I've never been that good at sewing, but I muddle along fine for simple stuff.

Lovely lovely pictures.

Jenny said...

I get the impression you are having a really pleasant Easter and making good progress with the crafting, though I hadn't realised the baby would be arriving quite so soon. Have a good trip to Pickering, I was born not far from there so I agree it's a great place, I'm sure Oscar will agree.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Your little take on deforestation did bring a smile... The blossoms are beautiful but it is that handsome lad that gets me every time... he's growing so fast too.
Enjoy your break and upcoming holiday to Yorkshire. (birthplace of some of my ancestors)
Susan x

Tony said...

I can't believe Oscar is 5 months. Incredible but he is looking quite big now.
Have a good holiday break and come back all refreshed.

Tony said...

The above comment is really me, from Tony;s computer !!!

Sarah said...

Lovely teddy bear! Not long now! I hope you have a great holiday and that the two weeks seems much longer!

melissa said...

love all the springy goodness in this post - thank you!!
oscar is growing into such the handsome boy, and oh my that bear is just too cute!

enjoy your break!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your teddy is just adorable! Love it!
Have a wonderful vacation in Pickering!

Tracy said...

What a sweet Easter you had, Ros... and the Easter Bunny was generous too! ;o) Oscar is GROWING... goodness how fast he is growing up! Lovedd the "deforestation"...hahaha... Your knitted bear is so sweet... And I have the Cath Kidston book on my to-get list... It looks fantastic! Safe & Happy travels to Pickering! ((HUGS))

A Country Girl said...

That dog picture made me laugh!
I really can't resist blogs with dogs :)

Anonymous said...

your post has made me smile as always :o)
the bear is sooo adorable!!
and Oscar is beginning to look quite grown up, bless him xx
have a super time in Pickering! (could mean more fabulous photo's that make our hearts do skippity-skip :o)

hugs xxx


lily sends a hug to the increasingly handsome Oscar too xxx

The Garden Bell said...

Just look at all you have been up to here. Amazing. Love the new jacket in Rainbow colors. Wonderful yarn and buttons are perfect.

We can never have enough of Oscar, don't be silly.

Just look at all I've missed here. So glad to be back home.

Just trying to catch up on all. So much reading to do today.

Kate - The Garden Bell.

Amanda said...

Hello Neighbour. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Love the bear and you can sew as well!! As your spring starts to show we are being coloured by autumn.

josiekitten said...

Bonjour Snoopychien!
Just popped in during my lunch hour (yes, it's still term time in France!) The little teddy looks really cute. Have a good holiday. Catch up when you return!
A bientot! xxx

Mrs Twins said...

Hi Ros
I hope you are enjoying your Easter break and not doing too much school work!
Question too! Have you done any more of that ripple? I hope so.
Time is getting on.
Teddy sitting by the Daffodils is so delightful. I love how you have taken the photo.
I've had a busy week with Squares. Yes, it does take up quite a lot of my time by the time I have posted them on Flickr done the blogs etc., etc., But I love it so rewarding. Thank you for your comments Ros, and I hope everything is good for you!
Have a good weekend Suex

Lyn said...

Love the teddy bear, he is so cute. Enjoy your Easter break, hope the sun is out in Pickering.

cmv said...

oooh i am totally drooling over your chocolate! cadbury chocolate is a million times better than ours around here.
your bear is absolutely wonderful! love it!