Sunday, 16 January 2011


Good evening! It's so good to be back in my little peaceful corner of Blogland. The past week has been absolutely stuffed full of all the things I totally dislike doing!!!!!!! There has been very little time to partake in any of the things I DO like doing! So, today Mr Snoops, Oscar and I snatched a couple of hours of 'us' time and trundled off to 'the lake'. The day has been largely, quite dull and windy, although surprisingly mild. However, just as we arrived, the clouds began to clear and  we were treated to a magical window of warmth and sunshine, for the shortest of time, before clouds rolled in again.

What do you make of the photos that I took as we enjoyed a hot chocolate outside the Visitor's Centre? These swallows are actually etched into the glass above the large sliding doors. I loved how they appeared to be soaring above us, in the clear, blue sky. Fabulous! The clear blue lasted no time at all really, but it was  uplifting and magical, while it lasted.

I love these unexpected skies!

I seem to have barely touched base at all this week and knitting progress has been minimal. I started the second 'Raspberry Coulis' sock one evening, but was really too tired. I made so many silly mistakes that in the end, I pulled it all out and began again the next evening; much more successfully! I spent some time on it yesterday evening too, as our planned visit to the cinema to see 'The King's Speech' was thwarted . Not a seat to be had! Hopefully, we'll have better luck next week.

The plan for the weeek, is to finish this project and hopefully, the crocheted cushion cover too! If I successfully complete the plan...... then I will allow myself to begin the 'Gunnerside Ladies' sweater. I think I probably, rather ran out of steam a little this week too, after the mega effort of completing 'Gayle' on time.

I have got a couple  of yummy skeins (or maybe three!), to show you too. Just a quick peek, you understand! I feel quite guilty that I even cast my eyes upon theses two beauties, when I already own enough sock yarn to keep me in sockes forever!!!!! But you know how it is. I bought these way back before Christmas, squirrelling them away to try and deny yet another yarn purchase. I'm feeling more brazen now though, more kind of .... 'well, that's what happened, in that small window of opprtunity that was there, when I just pressed the 'buy' button, seemingly as if by magic!' Another magic window! What can you do, except ENJOY! Do you like them?

These two are from the dyeing studio of 'old maiden aunt yarns' in Scotland. They are fabulously soft and colours to 'dye' (haha!) for. The lighter skein, is merino and bamboo and the 'midnight', a merino, cashmere and nylon mix. Josiekitten and I came across their yarns at 'Knit Nation' last year. They are well worth a look!

'Juno Fibre Arts' was another of our 'Knit Nation' favourites.

This skein, colourway 'lilac pool', is 100% superwash BFL. I just LOVE the magical colour combination. So scrummy!

Well, it's time you leave you, my friends; supper calls and I'm starving! I'll just leave you with one more touch of magic. This was the view as I arrived home from school on Friday....again, just magical!

Have a good week everyone!


josiekitten said...

I love all your 'new' purchases! Gorgeous colours! Good luck finishing off some of your projects this week! Hope it's a good one!

honeysuckleblue said...

Nice socks! You inspired me to do that particular knit-a-long (I had never done one), and now they are my most favorite socks and knitting so far. Thank you :)

Kathy said...

I saw the King's Speech on Saturday night ... you must go. It's every bit as good as they all say it is!

Jenny said...

So good to get out and see blue sky and green grass, I've only been in the garden today but after 8 weeks of snow is was so much appreciated. Lovely yarns, since we are bit behind on our purchases I'm wondering if you've made any this year. Have a good week and hopefully a start on the sweater.

Sarah said...

Lots of lovely colours in your post today! I love the blue and cloudy skies and the yarns are gorgeous! I hope this week gives you more time to do what you want!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

What lovely photos, the swallows are amazing! I had to look twice to make sure they weren't real!

And what lovely yarn, you would have regreted not buying it. ;)

Lyn said...

blue sky- you were lucky!
I too want to see the Kings Speech but think we will wait a while and just how do you hand paint yarn?

bellaboo said...

We had a glimpse of blue sky but I think you had a bit more.Hoping to see that film too.It's going to win lots of awards by the sound of it.
Hope your week goes well. :0)

Teje said...

Hello Ros! You have Wonderful yarn waiting new creation! All the views are so beautiful and those birds just fantastic! What a great idea!
Have a lovely week and give a hug to Oscar! xxx Teje

Fiona said...

You just can't beat Norfolk can you?
I hope to get to the King's Speech soon as well.

kate said...

The last skein of yarn totally matches the last sky picture!

I'm jealous you got some blue, we've had a lot of grey around here.

Hope your week is more balanced!

Wyatt said...

We just love that last sky picture. The colors look like a painting....or some of your socks!!


Tracy said...

Hi, Ros! Oh, what delight are those swallows etched in glass...very magical! Such gorgeous yarns...*swoon*...That purple-blue Juno fiber is especially wonderful! We're wanting to see "The King's Speech" too--it's not come to Norway yet, though sadly, so much wait... But I can't wait--I'm a HUGE Colin Firth fan! ;o)...*swoon*... LOVE your magical sunset... Winter skies are so special. Happy new week to you. :o) ((HUGS))

Anna said...

What gorgeous skies, I really like the pictures of the swallows. You've captured a great moment.

busybusybeejay said...

Do try and see The King's is very good.Love your yarn.I must look them up but like you I have sooooo much yarn but I just can't resist it!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

I can't believe I see no hint of snow or ice in your lovely photos.
Those socks look good enough to eat in that yummy colour.
Hope your week is wonderful.
Susan x

Mrs Twins said...

What fantastic photography!
I do love the reflection of the birds in the window.
I expect you are longing for spring to come to be able to get outside and take some more wonderful shots.
Hugs and Love Suex

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

the swallows are wonderful
and have given me ideas for window decoration :o)
your photgraphs are stunning! they are always stunning!!
i enjoy them very much.
and i do like your pretty knitting and yarns.

hope this week will be full of things you love to do xxx

hugs from me and licks from Lily
for You and Oscar

melissa said...

oh i just love that swallow window. the second picture is especially magical.

what lovely new yarns you have!

i hope this week is less hectic for you than the last!

cmv said...

ooh your pictures are gorgeous! i love how you used those birds on the window!
your new yarns are absolutely scrumptious too- beautiful!

Kathy said...

Thank you for all the beautiful pics - swallows, sunsets, and yarn. Love the way your mystery socks are turning out!

Squirrel said...
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Squirrel said...

Beautiful pictures, just like Ozzy I had to double check the swallows too. Love the yarn purchases, beautiful colours =D